What were the cruelest Emmy snubs ever: ‘The Walking Dead,’ Katey Sagal, Courteney Cox …

Every year we bemoan the Emmy Awards for snubbing some of our favorite TV stars. This year alone we saw TV academy voters turn their backs on past champs Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife”). But what of those performers who never ever got a chance to attend the ceremony as nominees? 

I am thinking of the likes of Courteney Cox; she was meant to be the star of “Friends” but never even got nominated in its 10-year run.Both of the other gals on the show won Emmys — Lisa Kudrow on the third of her six bids and Jennifer Aniston up in lead for season eight. And all three fellows (Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer) contended at least once. 

We asked our feisty forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, about those Emmy oversights that still pain them years later. Read some of their comments below and then add your own HERE

It is never too early to dish the Emmys with Hollywood insiders in our red-hot forums

nkb325: Bellamy Young for season 3 of “Scandal.” Probably the best performance I saw on television that season and she wasn’t even nominated. And to think that the Emmys even embraced the show enough to give multiple other actors nominations and wins for lesser performances (although I actually would have also given Kerry Washington a win but that’s a different conversation) and Young wasn’t even nominated. I cannot understand it. 

OperaJunky: Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride never being nominated for “The Walking Dead.”

Walt Eagle: The cast of “The Wire.” I mean, that’s like 20 or so of the greatest performances of the decade. They had a tape that could have contended for Supporting Actor every year (Larry Gilliard Jr. for S1, Chris Bauer for S2, Idris Elba/Robert Wisdom for S3, Andre Royo for S4 and S5). 

Jaqen H’gharKatey Sagal has given two polar opposite yet equally performances on “Married… With Children” and especially “Sons of Anarchy” and couldn’t even get the nomination.

BamaEd: How did “The Gilmore Girls” get almost no Emmy love (1 nomination/win for makeup!). No series, no writing, no directing, No Kelly Bishop? No Lauren Gramam?? Shameful. 

FNLFan89Zach Gilford (“Friday Night Lights”) being snubbed for Drama Guest Actor in 2010 stings the most. He had his best year on the show, and had possibly the best episode submission (“The Son”) any actor on the show (yes, including Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton) ever got through the run of the series. Had he gotten nominated, he would’ve beaten John Lithgow (“Dexter)”, who deserved the win in the former’s absence. 

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