‘The Walking Dead’ predictions: Will Maggie die? Who’ll be kissed?

Expect Maggie and more than 10 walkers to be snuffed out in the final episode of “The Walking Dead” TV season, but not before Maggie kisses Glenn. Those are the predictions of the guy who had the best picks forecasting last week’s episode. However, his new forecast clashes with the opinion of our Users, who say no main character will die tonight. See latest racetrack odds based upon their views on major cliffhangers.

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Last week the best score predicting the “Try” episode was achieved by “Axolotlman” (real name Tomas Zelenka), a 25-year-old student in the Czech Republic, who, “other than the pointless and predictable death of Beth, (has) really enjoyed this season.” Zelenka tied four other people with 88% accuracy, but his 3,350 game points gave him the first-place finish. See leaderboard.

Zelenka had participated in the predictions contest the previous five episodes and improved his ranking every time. He started down at 40th place for the February 15th episode, then reached the top 10 for March 8 episode and climbed to the very top last week when he got seven out of the eight questions correct. The only one he stumbled on was “Will Michonne swing her katana in this episode?”

Zelenka credits good gut instincts, luck and attentiveness to episode previews. As to how he got the necessary points to win last week’s tiebreaker, Zelenka believes that the key was locking in his choices early when the racetrack odds were most favorable. He credits his time zone for allowing him to be awake and at his computer then.

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He anticipates that the finale episode “Conquer” will be mostly setup for next season, along “with some shocking twist that will result in an unexpected death of some main character who was with us for a long time.” However, Zelenka admits that he has “no idea who it will be or how it will happen,” so please keep his lack of confidence in mind when making your own predix. To do that, click here – pronto!

Currently, Zelenka ranks only 44th in our TV season leaderboard, which is topped by “SamEckmann,” who has achieved the impressive accuracy rate of 80% while answering 111 questions. He also has highest point score: 43,337. Can you take him down? See SamEckmann’s current predictions here. (Note: He doesn’t believe any main or recurring characters will die tonight.) See Zelenka’s here. Compare to our current racetrack odds that reflect the views of everyone making “The Walking Dead” predictions at Gold Derby.


Which main character will be killed off in this episode?

1.) No One – 11/2
2.) Glenn Rhee – 6/1
3.) Carol Peletier – 13/2
4.) Abraham Ford – 7/1
5.) Maggie Greene – 17/2
6.) Daryl Dixon – 9/1
7.) Rick Grimes – 11/1
8.) Carl Grimes – 11/1
9.) Michonne – 12/1


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