Todd Chrisley celebrates ‘heart-felt moments’ on ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ (Exclusive Video)

“I don’t know how much I know best about,” admits Todd Chrisley during our recent webcam chat (watch below) about “Chrisley Knows Best,” his wildly popular reality TV series on the USA network. As this patriarch of a large, eccentric family explains, “it’s certainly the name of the show, but I’d like to say I know best about trying to know best.” 

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Indeed, as the self-made multimillionaire concedes, “It’s difficult for myself — as it is for any parent, husband, son — to always try to know the right answer. I think if we always knew the right answer we certainly wouldn’t be screwing up.” However, he continues, “I certainly believe that I put forth a very concretive effort to research and kind of go through things in my mind, and in my heart, as to whether or not I believe this is the right thing.”

With viewership now topping three million, one wonders if the Chrisley clan could soon unseat the Kardashians as TV’s most-watched family. He concedes, “Would I like to have numbers like that? Yes. Would I like to be able to be in that many households one night a week? Absolutely.” However, Chrisley cautions, “I’m not interested at all in our show becoming a train wreck. I’m not interested at all in our show becoming something that is fiction.”

His goal remains a simple one. “We would certainly hope that after a long day at work on Tuesday, that you come home…you sit down and watch our show, and you laugh for thirty minutes. We hope that’s what you take from the show.” Beyond that, “we hope that you take very heart-felt moments of a real family who deal with real issues, but we love each other through it.” 

 Below: Watch our full interview for more of his thoughts on the show, the Emmys and his newfound fame. 

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