Tonys cliffhanger: Is ‘Something Rotten’ the next ‘Book of Mormon’?

Something Rotten” a musical comedy send-up of both Shakespeare and Broadway musicals, is hoping to defy the odds by opening cold on the Main Stem without an out-of-town tryout. (The show’s producers scuttled a planned Seattle run this spring to open at the St. James Theatre.)

It’s a tactic that used to be pretty common. Four of the Best Musical winners in the 1990s opened cold (“City of Angels,” “The Will Rogers Follies,” “Passion,” and “Titanic”). But more recently, producers have tended to prefer working out a shows kinks away from the blitzkrieg spotlight of Midtown Manhattan (and the endless-preview fiasco of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” reinforced the soundness of that strategy).

In the last 15 years, only one cold opener has managed to take the top Tony prize: “The Book of Mormon” in 2011.

Like that show, “Rotten” has the makings of a broad, crowd-pleasing hit that’s heavy on sophomoric humor and meta-references to theater conventions. And that means it should play very well on the road — a big advantage since a sizable portion of Tony voters are touring-company producers, who may be less inclined to reward (and book) smaller, artier shows like “Fun Home” and “The Visit.”

But there’s a big obstacle to “Rotten”’s path to the podium. The reviews were wildly mixed, including qualified raves in the New York Post, Variety, and the Hollywood Reporter as well as outright pans in Newsday, the Wall Street Journal, and (crucially) the New York Times, where Ben Brantley declared that the show “dances dangerously on the line between tireless and tedious, and winds up collapsing into the second camp.”

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