Top 10 hottest forum posts: Defending Rachel McAdams (‘Spotlight’), high hopes for ‘Vinyl’

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Nearing the end of an eventful entertainment year, our forum posters are looking back and looking ahead, debating Oscars past and present and also looking forward to the Grammys and even the Emmys. What do you think of their latest awards insights?

Among the hottest topics, posters in our movies forum are discussing Best Supporting Actress — specifically the candidacy of Rachel McAdams, who has done better than expected for her performance as a crusading reporter in “Spotlight,” picking up bids from the SAG Awards and Critics’ Choice. Does she really belong in the awards conversation? Some say not, but others are defending her understated turn.

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Looking even farther ahead, our commenters have high Emmy expectations for “Vinyl,” HBO’s upcoming music-industry drama produced by Martin Scorsese and created by Terence Winter, the same duo behind “Boardwalk Empire” as well as the Oscar-nominated “The Wolf of Wall Street.” “Boardwalk” never won the Emmy for Best Drama despite 20 nominations across various categories; can “Vinyl” succeed where that show failed?

Read our posters’ comments about those topics and more below, and click on each forum topic title to jump directly into that conversation.

Freeman Griffin: Every time I read that Rachel McAdams allegedly doesn’t do anything in “Spotlight” it makes me want to scream! She gives a beautiful, sensitive, luminous performance — full of compassion, competency, intelligence and integrity. (Best Supporting Actress for Oscars)

FilmGuy619: I understand why McAdams being in the conversation doesn’t translate well with everyone because it’s such an understated performance. But the main reason that I am heaping my praises on her performance is for its authenticity. With how she nervously jots down her notes and interviews her questions, she reminded me a lot of when I would interview people for journalism class. (Best Supporting Actress for Oscars)

benbraddock: Just tortured myself a second time this morning. “The Revenant” is brilliant filmmaking with dazzling cinematography and sound, but the lack of dialogue in an absent screenplay makes it an uphill battle for poor Leo. He sure can grunt and moan in a great performance of stamina, but it won’t resonate with savvy academy members. (Best Actor for Oscars)

benutty: “Slumdog Millionaire” should not only have not won a single one of its Oscars, but it never should have been nominated for them in the first place. (Over rewarded or deserving? Multiple Oscar winners!)

TWNickPeek: Because these awards groups are not picking what they think is the best, they are trying to predict what they think will be nominated/win at the Oscars. Notice how the critics groups are recycling and copying the same nominations when the films have not even been received that greatly by them? … So despite “Creed‘s” deserved acclaim, it won’t be getting into Best Picture unless the academy has some sense in their minds. (Why is Creed doing so poorly in the predictions for Oscars?)

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jacob121: I think that “Vinyl” has a stronger shot at entering the race than “Billions” at least based on the trailers … With the new voting system in place though it doesn’t really matter because “Game of Thrones” will continue to sweep regardless of the other nominees. With “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” gone this category feels really weak to me. Something like “Mr. Robot” entering the line up will at least inject some exciting new blood. (Really damn early 2016 Emmy Predictions)

mikeboy898: “Vinyl” will likely make a showing in Drama Series and Lead Actor (Bobby Cannavale), and probably directing/writing for the pilot at the very least (Martin Scorcese + Terrence Winter, HELLO!). Ray Romano and Olivia Wilde could also receive nominations depending on how well the show is received. (Really damn early 2016 Emmy Predictions)

Tony KuKo: To me it is James Bay vs. Courtney Barnett … Why Courtney Barnett? In such an open-race, the one against all odds gets in, like Esperanza Spalding [who was the surprise winner in 2010]. I also think since her nomination was such a surprise that means she has a strong following within the academy, just like Esperanza Spalding. She is also very well respected by critics and music experts. She’s quite unusual. (Grammy for Best New Artist)

bondzzz: I’m going with Sam Hunt. There has been talk that he underperformed in country categories, but I do think being the solo country artist really helps here. I have James Bay as second. He did overperform with those rock categories, but I just feel that Sam Hunt might have more people voting for him. (Grammy for Best New Artist)

PoweR: While this isn’t about who sings the best, you can’t deny that “Thinking Out Loud” IS the type of song voters go crazy over in these performance categories. Ed Sheeran has turned into one of the biggest male pop stars around and his music was inescapable this past year. (Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance)

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