Our Golden Globes TV contest champ on predicting wins for ‘Transparent,’ ‘The Affair,’ …

“‘Transparent‘ was a prediction that I’m very proud of,” admits Gold Derby’s contest champ Ryan Lapierre. This user beat all others while predicting those shocking Golden Globes TV Awards, earning the #1 position on our leaderboard thanks to his accuracy and score. (See all of Lapierre’s predictions here. To see how you scored, click here.)

Also in our chat, this young movie theater worker from Massachusetts reveals how he knew “The Affair,” Ruth Wilson and Maggie Gyllenhaal would all win despite not being frontrunners in their categories. Below, read the entire Q&A with our 2014 Golden Globes TV Awards contest winner.

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What made you predict “The Affair” as Best TV Drama Series instead of frontrunner “House of Cards“?

Drama Series was a very hard decision for me. I knew it was down to those two shows, plus “The Good Wife” with a minor chance. I predicted “The Affair” for two reasons. The first is that the Globes have never been a fan of politics and of course “House of Cards” is a very political show. And “The Affair” is new and fresh and they like to award new shows. Also it is on Showtime and “Homeland” won in its first year with Claire Danes, so it all made sense.

Similarly, why did you go with Ruth Wilson as Best TV Drama Actress instead of favorite Viola Davis?

The whole series/actor combination I thought would work in favor for Ruth. And this was another hard one because Viola has never won a Globe. But her series was not nominated in drama so I took her out and put Ruth in.

You got all three comedy races correct: “Transparent,” Jeffrey Tambor and Gina Rodriguez. What was your thinking with this trio of predictions?

Tambor was an easy one. Rodriguez because she is the hot new star and with the HFPA nominating her show in comedy series I thought it was pretty easy. But yeah, I thought Taylor Schilling had a good chance too. Especially with her getting in last year for drama. But Gina for me was easy. And “Transparent” was a prediction that I’m very proud of. Seeing all the slugfests that you guys did tempted me just to go with “Orange is the New Black” and call it a day. But “Transparent” had a lot going for it. It got one automatic win for Jeffrey, and it’s a show with a message.

How did you know “Orange is the New Black” would lose series and actress?

“Transparent” has a message behind it, while “Orange” is just a show about women in prison. I thought “Transparent” would connect to most voters and get more #1 votes than “Orange.” [However], I was predicting Uzo Aduba to win supporting actress because I didn’t think that they would leave “Orange” with no Globes. But it proves that the HFPA is not crazy for “Orange is the New Black.”

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You had Billy Bob Thornton down in third place. Is it fair to say his win was the most shocking of the night for you?

Well Thornton was pretty surprising, but not too surprising. I thought Matthew McConaughey (“True Detective“) was a slam dunk to win, but I can see how Thornton won especially with “Fargo” winning the TV miniseries award. And that’s how he pulled off the win. And probably because Matthew just won last year. Out of the TV section, yes I would say Thornton’s win was the most surprising.

Please feel free to brag and explain how you were able to call that beyond-shocking win for Maggie Gyllenhaal (“The Honorable Woman“). That was quite an impressive prediction.

Now this prediction gives me bonus points for life. And I’m not really sure how I did it. After seeing all the five nominees, Gyllenhaal was the most impressive to me. She played her British accent perfectly. And obviously the voters are foreign so that’s a plus, She has never won a Globe and Frances McDormand was never well-respected by the HFPA so I thought Gyllenhaal had a lot riding for her and I had to go off the wall for at least one acting award. So I took a stab at Gyllenhaal and it won me the gold. And yes I’m still shocked I got that right.

How did this year’s Golden Globes compare to years past? Was it better or worse? Will you miss Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

This year’s Golden Globes were good. I thought that there were some great presenters, there was a nice set of nominees and winners, and I thought George Clooney‘s speech was magnificent. So I would say it’s best Globes I’ve seen in awhile. Even though I can barley remember last year. Well I don’t know if I’ll miss Tina and Amy. They are charming and they were funny but they were not the best hosts of all time. And I think three times is enough for the duo. But I will say it was arguably their best this year. But the Kim Jong Un thing went too long and it was annoying and all my friends who were watching with me hated that bit. But I do think they are funny people and average hosts. Thanks Marcus.

Thanks Ryan!

If Ryan’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he also won our contests for “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Project Runway.” Check out Gold Derby’s Hall of Fame here.

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