‘True Detective’ Season 2 reactions: ‘Solid premiere,’ ‘all over the place’ …

What did YOU think of the much-anticipated season premiere of “True Detective” Sunday night on HBO? The first season — which starred Oscar champ Matthew McConaughey (“Dallas Buyers Club”) and Emmy winner Woody Harrelson (“Cheers”) as Louisiana cops in search of a serial killer — was a critical sensation, winning five of its 11 Emmy bids last year.

Our feisty forum posters are divided about the series’ return, which reinvented itself in Season 2 with an entirely new cast, story and location. This time around, creator Nic Pizzolatto has set the story in Southern California. It kicks off with the discovery of a body by a highway patrol officer (Taylor Kitsch) and leads to a conspiracy involving a mob boss (Vince Vaughn), a corrupt cop (Colin Farrell) and a do-good sherrif (Rachel McAdams).  

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Cobalt Blue: I thought it was a solid premiere. Four leads this time around, so a lot of time was spent establishing their characters and the storyline really got started proper only at the end of the episode. So, we’ll see about the plot going forward but they’ve got some good characters to work with.

KyleBailey: Honestly, can this show just be edited down to the Rachel McAdams/Taylor Kitsch show? They are the most interesting.

Denis: I liked it, loved Colin Farrell‘s character who seems pretty f***ed up crazy all the way so, in my opinion his son’s stuff is not that ridiculous or over the top if you consider how insane his character seems to be. McAdams for me is the standout of the show.

Marcus Snowden: I did like what I saw, for the most part. McAdams and Farrell (especially Farrell) were great, although the character of Ani is a bit of a mixed bag with me. Vince Vaughn, on the hand, hasn’t grown on me yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks, I’ll be eating my words, but not now.

KevinDillon: Rachel McAdams character (who was the best) seems to be in a different show.  I think the show is over populated with characters, and if there were only two detectives with a mystery that made me care, I would be on board.

mikeboy898: It wasn’t nearly as bad as it’s being made out to be. Sure there was some meandering and heavy-handed, somewhat silly dialogue. But I’m really digging the performances so far (Farrell and McAdams are my standouts) but I think Kitsch has a lot of potential. Vaughn will definitely have to grow on me.

DominicCobb: The best way to describe the premiere was to say it was all over the place. Pacing’s off, story’s not quite there, all the characters just seem like broad sketches. The silver lining is that there’s a lot of potential that’s there for something good or even great.

ThemeParks4Life: I have no idea what critics were talking about, this was a great premiere that set up the characters.

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