Halloween treat: Top 13 scariest Emmy wins (Photo Gallery)

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Yes, the Emmys have been slow to embrace shows that fall into genres such as horror, sci-fi and fantasy. While the first season of the supernatural series “Lost” claimed Best Drama in 2005, it took another decade before a fantasy show, “Game of Thrones,” finally prevailed. However, while TV academy voters typically stick with the tried and true when it comes to the program prize, they have been more welcoming of performers that scare us silly. 

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For example, Peter Dinklage has won Best Drama Supporting Actor twice for his work on “Game of Thrones.” While his character — Tyrion Lannister — isn’t always frightening, he lives in a world of white walkers, demon babies, skeleton zombies and fire-breathing dragons.  

And the first four installments of the “American Horror Story” franchise have produced a bounty of bids for the cast and four wins, including a pair for Jessica Lange. She first won for her supporting turn in the original “AHS” in 2012 as chain-smoking nosy neighbor Constance Langdon, who knew more than she let on about the hauntings within the Murder House. Last year she prevailed for her lead role on “Coven” as Fiona Goode, the malicious supreme witch of the coven who would do anything — and kill anyone — to remain in power. 

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Below, take a tour of the top 13 spine-chilling performances that won Emmys. 

Photo: Jessica Lange in “American Horror Story: Coven.” Credit: FX 

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