Matt Walsh dishes ‘Veep’ move to the White House (Exclusive Video)

During our recent webcam chat (watch below), Matt Walsh revealed that his “Veep” character Mike McLintock becoming White House press secretary meant, “the stakes are higher; I think Mike enjoys being the face of the administration.” That face includes a mustache dyed bright orange. As he explains his character’s motivation for taking such drastic action: “I think he watched himself on television and I think he got a little vain and he’s like, ‘I gotta look younger and I gotta look better.’ I don’t know how he came up with that cockamamie scheme.” 

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This fourth season saw McClintock having to deal with much bigger problems, including on the episode ‘B/ill’ when he had to avoid being implicated in a scandal. As Walsh explains, “if he’s got plausible deniability then they can’t litigate against him; he can’t be drawn into these congressional hearings.”

This highlighted the problems of being White House press secretary: “You either know something that you shouldn’t know and you may be called to speak about it; and the other side is you stand in front of the press and are being grilled on something you have no information on or were purposefully held out of the room for those meetings. That’s another nightmare because it looks like you’re an idiot.” He continues, “you are constantly trapped between those two poles in that position” but “it’s very funny to see the reaction to being implicated in the scandal.”

As for creator Armando Iannucci leaving, the actor admits, “I’m gonna miss him. He’s such a brilliant and talented leader for our show and on a personal note he’s a fun hang.” However ,he has high hopes for the show because “we’ve all sort of been given authorship of our characters, and invited to contribute, and it’s a very collaborative sort of like theatre camp vibe.” Armando “created something that actually can grown in his absence.” That being said, “I don’t think he set out for that when he created the show, he just wanted to create a fun process where people could contribute.”

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