‘The Walking Dead’ recap: Who survived Season 5 finale ‘Conquer’?

Sorry, all you blood-thirsty “The Walking Dead” fans: The grim reaper decided not to make an appearance for any of the show’s main or recurring characters during Sunday’s Season 5 finale.

While that’s great news for Rick and co. in Alexandria, it’s bad news for all of our users who were predicting a bloodbath in the season finale. Congratulations to everyone who predicted that “No One” would die, as they earned points based on the odds they locked in throughout the week.

The Walking Dead’ predictions: Will Maggie die? Who’ll be kissed?

A huge round of applause goes to our user SamEckmann for coming in first place out of hundreds on our overall Season 5 leaderboard. After 16 episodes and over 100 questions, he earns our $100 grand prize for best prediction accuracy — congrats!

SamEckmann answered every single question this season and got 81.96% correct for a total of 47,307 points. Not to be outdone, the other notable season stand-outs are Max in second place with 76.49%, JackO in third place with 74.81% and tommy in fourth place with 71.69%. To see all of SamEckmann’s “Walking Dead” predictions throughout the season, click here.

In addition to winning our overall season contest, SamEckmann also got all eight questions correct for this week’s season finale, titled “Conquer.” He tops our episode-specific leaderboard with 100% accuracy and 3,970 points, thanks in part to his smart predictions that nobody would die in the finale, ignoring many of those at Gold Derby who thought otherwise (see predix).

He correctly predicted that:

1.) No one would die amongst the MAIN cast

2.) No one would die amongst the RECURRING cast

3.) More than 10 walkers would die

4.) Rick would fire a gun

5.) Daryl would shoot his crossbow

6.) Michonne would not use her katana

7.) Glenn and Maggie would not kiss

8.) A walker would not bite anybody

Where do YOU place on our ‘The Walking Dead’ leaderboard? Click here!

Next season, how seriously should you take Gold Derby’s “The Walking Dead” predictions? Let’s examine our readers’ accuracy results for predicting the major deaths of Season 5:

When Bob and Gareth both died in Episode 3, Bob was #1 on our chart while Gareth was way down in our #8 slot.

When Beth died in Episode 8, she tied at #1 on our chart with the “No One” option.

When Tyreese died in Episode 9, he was #2 on our chart (behind “No One”).

When Noah died in Episode 14, he was #2 on our chart (behind “No One”).

It’s fair to say of this season’s big deaths (not counting Buttons) our readers correctly saw all of them coming, save for Gareth’s shocking demise at the beginning of the season.

Average Gold Derby users just like YOU often turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. While “The Walking Dead” may be over for the season, we are forecasting everything from the results on reality TV shows like “Survivor,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “American Idol” and “The Amazing Race” to the winners of the Tonys and Emmys. Click on any box to bring up that event and get started.

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