Here’s how to predict ‘The Walking Dead’s’ shocking deaths

“My secret to making good predictions for ‘The Walking Dead‘ is basically just being obsessed with the show,” says Gold Derby’s latest contest champ Sam Eckmann, who won our “Walking Dead” prediction contest by getting 81.96% answers correct and a 47,307 point score. Sam’s prize? A $100 Amazon gift card and eternal bragging rights on our contest winners page.

The Walking Dead’ recap: Who survived Season 5 finale ‘Conquer’?

This 26-year-old actor/singer from New York, NY topped our overall Season 5 leaderboard by making many savvy predictions, but the one he’s most proud of was his premonition of one character’s demise in Episode 14.

“I’m very proud of predicting Noah’s death. Not many people assumed he would go when he did. But I heard the actor [Tyler James Williams] booked another TV show for next season and the promos showed him entering a dangerous situation on the supply run in ‘Spend.’ So I went out on a limb and guessed it was poor Noah’s time to go. RIP Noah, but thanks for the points.”

Eckmann continues, “I’ve been a fan from the beginning, played the TellTale videogame and recently started the graphic novels. I always pour over promos and production photos for next week’s episode to see if they contain clues regarding the questions on Gold Derby. And I also usually check back closer to Sunday to see if I can get better odds on any of my predictions.”

That last point is key, as contenders’ odds at Gold Derby continue to change throughout the week as more and more users make their predictions. When you predict any of our events, you lock in the current odds. But, like Eckmann says, it’s beneficial to keep coming back to see if the odds have gotten any better, as that’s how you earn more points.

Regarding why Eckmann didn’t predict any characters to die in the Season 5 finale, titled “Conquer,” he admits, “I DID think people would die this week, just none of the people listed on Gold Derby’s prediction center. I assumed it would be a bloodbath for the Alexandrians, but not Rick’s group. In the ‘Walking Dead’ forum you can see I predicted that Reg, Sam, and Eric would bite it. Turns out I was right about Reg! I knew after Rick’s brawl with Pete, the only way Deanna and her followers would come around to Rick’s point of view was for them to be dealt a huge personal loss.”

Eckmann concludes, “I think this has been my favorite season overall (minus the pointless story line with Beth at the hospital) and the actors have really brought their A game. Especially Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and new addition Tovah Feldshuh. I’ve had a lot of fun digging for clues and making my predictions at Gold Derby!”

To see all of Eckmann’s “Walking Dead” predictions throughout the season, click here. While he beat out hundreds of players to win our contest and the $100 prize, the other notable season stand-outs on our Season 5 leaderboard are Max in second place with 76.49%, JackO in third place with 74.81% and tommy in fourth place with 71.69%.

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Next season, how seriously should you take Gold Derby’s “The Walking Dead” predictions? Let’s examine our readers’ accuracy results for predicting the major deaths of Season 5:

When Bob and Gareth both died in Episode 3, Bob was #1 on our chart while Gareth was way down in our #8 slot.

When Beth died in Episode 8, she tied at #1 on our chart with the “No One” option.

When Tyreese died in Episode 9, he was #2 on our chart (behind “No One”).

When Noah died in Episode 14, he was #2 on our chart (behind “No One”).

It’s fair to say of this season’s big deaths (not counting Buttons) our readers correctly saw all of them coming, save for Gareth’s shocking demise at the beginning of the season.

Average Gold Derby users just like YOU often turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. While “The Walking Dead” may be over for the season, we are forecasting everything from the results on reality TV shows like “Survivor,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “American Idol” and “The Amazing Race” to the winners of the Tonys and Emmys. Click on any box to bring up that event and get started.

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