Zachary Quinto on acting in ‘The Slap,’ producing ‘The Chair’ (Exclusive Video)

Zachary Quinto is a busy man with a diverse portfolio. In the first half of 2015, he starred in the miniseries “The Slap” and guest-starred in “Girls” and “Hannibal.” By the end of the year, he will have appeared in four films and filmed three more. “I just weigh my options and if I don’t have any, then I start to ask myself what I want to experience and then I try to pursue that and make it manifest,” he explains in our recent webcam chat (watch below).

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In addition to his acting, Quinto has been honing his craft as a producer, with his production company Before the Door Pictures responsible this year for the documentary-competition series “The Chair” and the upcoming thriller film “You Were Never Here.” He has generally kept his acting and producing separate, but hopes to overlap them more going forward. “The company’s more established, I know more and have learned a lot more about producing and I feel like it’s more possible for me to kind of juggle and wear more than one hat now,” he says.

One film in which he did wear more than one hat was his company’s feature debut “Margin Call” (2011), which earned an Oscar nomination (Best Original Screenplay, J.C. Chandor) and Quinto identifies as the crowning achievement of his career thus far. “The experience of making the movie was so fulfilling,” he says and adds, “It was such a great group of people and such a great convergence of all of our availability creatively and I produced it, so I’m really proud of that and I meet a lot of people who felt good about that movie and really liked it and that makes me proud.”

Quinto is Emmy-eligible this year for NBC’s “The Slap” in which he plays the eponymous slapper. “I like that he was a very human antagonist,” Quinto says about the role of Harry Apostolou, which he contrasts with his last NBC role on “Heroes” as shapeshifting murderer Sylar. Quinto contends in the same category in which he was nominated for “American Horror Story” (2013): Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actor.

He is also on the acting ballot for his guest performance as Ace on “Girls”. “They just reached out to me actually about that,” Quinto explains before elaborating, “I was really flattered and kind of shocked, just because I always looked at that show a little like you look at the cool kids across the cafeteria or something in high school and I love what they’re doing.”

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