2016 Election poll: Which recent Oscar-winning character would get your vote for president?

On Election Day (Nov. 8), Americans will be deciding whether they will be voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Because there is still uncertainty and worry associated with that real race, we’re imagining a different one. Which of the characters played by the last 10 Oscar winners for Best Actor and Best Actress would you choose as the next President of the United States?

Consider the summaries of the candidate’s positions before voting in the poll below and be sure to lobby for your choice in the comments!

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Brie Larson as Joy Newsome (“Room”)
Joy Newsome vaulted into the national conversation four years ago when she was the surprising running mate of a fifth party candidate despite her only experience being a member of Room City Council and Mayor of Room shortly thereafter. She’s been a pitbull at the debates and hasn’t shied away from conversations about her troubled past and is most proud of being a mother.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass (“The Revenant”)
A candidate that in any other century would have been a shoe-in for the presidency, Hugh Glass is running a campaign focused on his experience in “the real America.” He’s a frontiersman by trade and an environmentalist at heart. He is the first candidate to be simultaneously endorsed by the NRA and PETA.

Julianne Moore as Alice Daly-Howland (“Still Alice”)
Alice Daly Howland has been leading among female voters in every national poll since September, but her detractors are arguing that Sony, a major corporate donor to her campaign, managed to keep many of their private emails with her from leaking when they were hacked and that the emails could expose some truths about her speculated health concerns.

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Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking (“The Theory of Everything”)
Considered one of the most brilliant minds in history, Stephen Hawking began his campaign on a strictly science-based platform, most specifically with regard to the need for immediate changes in climate control policy. But in the last weeks of his campaign he’s turned his attention not toward foreign affairs, but toward interplanetary affairs, suggesting that he wants to lead America and the world into a new age of space exploration.

Cate Blanchett as Jasmine Frances (“Blue Jasmine”)
Viewed by many as the result of Real Housewives culture, Jasmine Frances isn’t your typical politician. She has privately funded her entire campaign after marrying a billionaire last year and has refused to take a position on any of the election’s most important issues. Common wisdom is she hopes to premiere content on her own channel JasmineTV in December.

Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof (“Dallas Buyers Club”)
Ron Woodroof runs on the basis of being an unconventional Texan and has made the Lone Star State bleed blue in way like never seen before. He is a fierce advocate for issues important to the LGBTQI community and has taken a firm stance in support of funding Planned Parenthood.

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Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany Maxwell (“Silver Linings Playbook”)
Though her opposition has attempted to thwart her grass-roots campaign by attack ads about her sexual history, Tiffany Maxwell has been able to turn out the millennial votes in record numbers. She campaigns on issues important to young voters and asks that we look outside the patriarchy and Washington elite when voting for the next president.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln (“Lincoln”)
Running a campaign based on a storied and well-respected career in national politics, Abraham Lincoln has broken from his Republican ranks, calling himself the best fit to follow in the legacy of the President Obama.

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher (“The Iron Lady”)
Her platform is simple: Make America English Again. Amazingly she has strong support despite admitting she isn’t even technically eligible.

Jean Dujardin as George Valentin (“The Artist”)
He doesn’t say much. In fact, when asked direct questions at all three presidential debates he just looked at the camera and winked. His campaign focuses on the sex appeal and romance while his opposition demands he release his birth certificate to prove he wasn’t born outside of the United States.

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