2017 SAG Awards film nominations: Best prediction scores by our Users and Editors

Congratulations to our User bad6562 for a perfect 100% score when predicting the 2017 SAG Awards film nominations announced on Wednesday. He also had a great point total of 28,906 by using the 500 and 200 point bets wisely. Very close to the top score with 92.00% are BlakeB, Justin Jaeger, and Sula out of over 1,300 people worldwide participating in our event.

SAG Awards 2017: Complete list of film nominees

You can see how your score compares to all others in our leaderboard rankings of all contestants, which also includes links to see each participant’s predictions. to see your own scores, go to the user menu in the top right corner of every page of Gold Derby when you’re signed in to the site. Use drop down menu to go to “View Profile,” then look for the links to your “Award Show Scores.” Gold Derby must evaluate each potential winner’s eligibility as per our contest rules. If eligible, the first-place finisher gets a $100 Amazon gift card.

SAG Awards 2017: Film snubs include ‘Loving’ and ‘La La Land’ for ensemble

Among Gold Derby’s Editors, Tom O’Neil is best with 84% correct. I have the next best score with 79% correct and then Paul Sheehan follows with 76%. Marcus Dixon and Daniel Montgomery are in the next spot with 75%. Rob Licuria follows with 71% and then Matt Noble has 58% correct.

Make your SAG Awards picks now and tell industry insiders which films and performers you have out front to win on January 29. You can keep changing them until just before show time. Be sure to make your predictions right here. You’ll compete for a place of honor on our leaderboard and a starring role in next year’s Top 24 Users (the two dozen folks who do the best predicting this year’s winners). Read our contest rules.

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