[FORUMS] ’20th Century Women’ trailer: Annette Bening ‘radiates,’ ‘she’s in’ for Oscars, ‘terrific’

The awards chatter for Annette Bening in this year’s Best Actress race reached new heights on Tuesday when the trailer for her new movie “20th Century Women” was unveiled online. Our forums posters have considered Bening’s chances to receive her fifth career nomination since this project was first announced. But over the past day the buzz surrounding her has taken off to a new level.

[WATCH] ’20th Century Women’ trailer:
Will Annette Bening finally win an overdue Oscar? 

The film has long been on the radar of awards watchers and it’s certainly justified. After all, it is written and directed by Mike Mills, whose previous film “Beginners” earned Christopher Plummer the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2011.

In “20th Century Women,” Bening plays Dorothea Fields, a single mother in the late 1970s who enlists two younger women (Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig) to teach her teenage son Jamie (Lucas Zumann) about love, relationships and life. Rounding out the cast is Tony Award winner Billy Crudup. It’s slated to premiere at the New York Film Festival on October 8 and then be released nationwide on Christmas Day.

Based on our exclusive Gold Derby odds derived from the predictions of our Experts, Bening is in the hunt for a Best Actress nomination, currently sitting in eighth place with 50/1 odds. It’s also sitting at 11th to be nominated for Best Picture (50/1 odds) and in 10th for Fanning to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress (80/1 odds). Don’t forget that this could also all change as our Experts, Editors and Users get a better look of the film through its trailer.

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Check out some of the forums comments below and then click here to join the discussion:

awardsdontmatter: Oh man. Bening just RADIATES. in merely a few lines in the trailer, in that crackling voice and those tired gazes, she conveys so much of what I can only assume is her character’s pain, humanity and incredible strength. I have been rooting for her since “American Beauty,” but the movie just seems a bit “The Ice Storm” and “Lite FM.” and Best Actress is such a blood bath this season. In my mind so far, she is at least fourth, after Davis, Stone and Portman.

M: Bening has been able to secure nominations in competitive years: 2004 and 2010. Those were not easy nominations to get. As of now only Portman and Stone are locks. But the trailers for Viola and Annette are loud enough to disrupt the narrative momentum for everyone else

jasonface: Bening looks great here, but it’s definitely a smaller scale movie with the same vibe as “Beginners” (which I loved so). She’s the most overdue contender this year so hopefully, she’ll be able to break into the crazy Best Actress race with at least a nomination.

Roney Moore: Seems like an ensemble movie. Why doesn’t she go supporting? She’d be frontrunner there.

OnTheAisle: This is a terrific trailer. The title is awful and makes watching the film feel like a homework assignment. I am now looking forward to seeing this.

GusCruz: She’s in based on the trailer. The movie could surprise and get four or five nominations too. I just don’t think it’s the kind of performance/role that can beat biopic (“Jackie”), Serious! & Important! (“Fences”) and young-and-sweet (“La La Land”). What does this woman have to do to win? A Hillary biopic?

Robert Russaw: Don’t forget Bening always has the Gloria Grahame movie “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” coming out next year in addition to an adaptation of “The Seagull” with Saoirse Ronan. I’m thinking she’ll get traction with the Gloria Grahame movie for next year.

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