[WATCH] Adrian Scarborough (‘Blunt Talk’) chats about season 2 and towel-whipping Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart and I spent the whole of season one just going, ‘That was a first, never done that before on camera,'” Adrian Scarborough tells Gold Derby about working with Stewart on Starz’s edgy comedy “Blunt Talk” (watch above). “I have to say the towel-whipping still gets me. It just looks so savagely brutal. Bless him. It’s all sound effects, but I was really conscious as well that I might hurt a Knight of the Realm with a towel.”

Sure, Stewart is a Hollywood legend and a TV/film icon, but what is his worst quality? “He doesn’t eat enough,” Scarborough jokes. “I fall foul of the craft service trolley where there are just lots and lots of goodies and things like that, and he always makes me feel guilty because I’m always heading over there. And if he has a bit more, I wouldn’t feel so bad.”

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Switching gears to season two of “Blunt Talk,” due out this fall on Starz, Scarborough reveals what’s in store for his character, Harry Chandler, who’s the manservant to Stewart’s Walter Blunt. “I can certainly tease there’s quite a lot of interesting love angles going on. And also, as with all marriages, if a third person comes into the mix then interesting developments can happen.”

Also in our junket discussion, Scarborough chats about who he’d like to work with more on the show, why Harry puts up with all of Walter’s antics and if there’s anything — including murder — that Harry wouldn’t do to please Walter. Sound off about “Blunt Talk” in the comments section below or right here in our famous TV forums.

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