‘American Idol’ results: Did you correctly predict who won the farewell season?

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Did you correctly predict which of the final two singers — Trent Harmon or La’Porsha Renae — won the farewell season of “American Idol“? Surprisingly, only 23% of our readers forecasted the Season 15 champion.

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According to exclusive Gold Derby odds that are derived from the predictions made by contest entrants like you, the eventual winner Trent only had 10/3 odds (23% chance) of taking home the final crown.

Instead, the majority of our readers incorrectly banked on a win for La’Porsha, resulting in 10/11 odds (51% chance).

Congratulations to Denton for earning the top score in this week’s contest. He’s one of 10 contest entrants to earn perfect 100% accuracy predicting the finishing order of the Final 4, though he broke the tie with his high 4,193 point score thanks to using his 500 and 200 point bets wisely and locking in the best odds throughout the week.

This reader’s winning predictions were that Trent would win, that La’Porsha would place second, that Dalton Rapattoni would place third and that MacKenzie Bourg would place fourth. If eligible, as per our contest rules, Denton will win a $100 gift certificate.

But that’s not all. A huge round of applause also goes to Denton for coming in first place out of hundreds of readers on our overall Season 15 leaderboard.

After all 12 questions for this final season, Denton becomes our overall leaderboard champ thanks to his impressive 87% accuracy and 37,948 point score. To see all of Denton’s “American idol” predictions throughout the season, click here.

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