‘American Idol’: Our contest leader reveals how he knew Trent Harmon would beat La’Porsha Renae

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Surprisingly, only 23% of our readers correctly predicted that the winner of “American Idol” Season 15 would be Trent Harmon instead of expected frontrunner La’Porsha Renae. Among those who forecasted Trent’s victory was Denton Davidson, who not only earns the best score in this week’s contest but also tops our overall Season 15 leaderboard. “When it came down to the winner, I actually had La’Porsha winning until I watched their final performances on Wednesday,” Davidson reveals. “I wanted her to win, but the momentum just seemed to be shifting to Trent.”

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Davidson continues, “To win these contests at Gold Derby, you have to take emotion out of it and I just had a feeling it would be Trent’s night. I bumped him to the winner’s circle at the last minute, and it paid off.”

“I felt bad for La’Porsha,” he laments. “She was definitely the one I preferred, but I’m happy to read that they also signed her to a record deal, so we can expect at least an album from her in the near future.”

Besides Trent and La’Porsha, Davidson also correctly predicted that Dalton Rapattoni would place third and MacKenzie Bourg would place fourth. How did he know?

“I initially thought La’Porsha would end up going home in fourth, but something started to not feel right about that,” Davidson explains. “After thinking about it for a while, I took a quick look at their YouTube views for the final four performances and La’Porsha was by far the most watched. After seeing that, I moved Mackenzie down to fourth and it ended up being the right move. I had no doubts Dalton would go third at that point, so that was an easy choice.”

After all 12 questions for this final season, Davidson becomes our overall leaderboard champ thanks to his impressive 87% accuracy and 37,948 point score. To see all of Davidson’s “American idol” predictions throughout the season, click here.

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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