‘American Idol’ predictions: La’Porsha Renae will have a ‘shocking fourth place finish’ says contest champ

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“Unfortunately, both of La’Porsha Renae‘s songs were forgettable by her standards and I expect a shocking fourth place finish for her,” admits our latest “American Idol” contest champ Denton Davidson, who wins our $100 Amazon gift certificate for earning the best score in this week’s contest. “She would be my choice to win it all, but I’m just basing my thoughts off of what I’ve seen over the years. The best singer rarely wins.”

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“This year is somewhat hard to call,” adds Denton. “I think the favorite all season has been La’Porsha, but having seen so many seasons of this show, I know it is not common for an R&B singer to win it all. The last one to do so was Candace Glover in Season 12, and she won the year Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were judges, who possibly brought a different demographic to the audience.

“In general, R&B is not the most popular genre of music in the United States and we’ve seen more generic winners as of late.  That’s why my money is on MacKenzie Bourg. I think he’s safe, girls think he’s cute and he is the typical ‘white guy with a guitar’ we’ve seen do well on this show.

“I think Trent Harmon could come in second place — he has a great voice but he is less charismatic, perhaps, than the other three left on the show. And after last night’s performances, I’ll say Dalton Rapattoni will come in third. He has hit some bumps in the road, but it’s all about momentum and his emotional performance that closed the show last night gets all the sappy viewer votes.”

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