‘America’s Got Talent’ premiere: Judge Simon Cowell’s performance [POLL]

Simon Cowell  made his debut at the the judges’ table on the season 11 premiere of “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday. The one-time Brit bad boy, who produces the show, replaces Howard Stern, That shock jock had been defanged for network TV, leaving his crude persona back on Sirius radio. Likewise with Cowell. Gone, for the most part, were the putdowns and insults that made “American Idol” must-see-TV in its heyday. Has becoming a father turned him into a softie?

What did you think of this kinder, gentler version of Cowell? Be sure to vote in our poll at the bottom of the post after reviewing the highlights (or low points depending on your perspective) of his judging:

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Ryan & Amber, an extreme act which earned his first standing ovation of the series: “In all my years that is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen but I loved it and I want to see where this will go. I’m going to apologize to American in advance.”

Laura Bretan, a 13-year-old opera singer: “What made it even better was the fact you are such a sweet person, so humble.”

Jose Fuentes, who danced with his dog Carrie: “I actually think the dog likes dancing.”

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Linkin’ Bridge, an acapella quartet that sang “Over the Rainbow”: “The first half of the song was okay. And then, when it picked up in the middle and you slowed it down it was really sensational.”

Nathan Bockstahler, a six-year-old comedian: “I think America is going to fall in love with you. I’ve got a feeling about that.”

Tape Man, who lip synced “Endless Love” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside”: “It was simple, but clever. Unique, funny, brilliant.”

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Hara, a Japanese magician: “The fact you turned into a pigeon in front of our eyes is unbelievable. For those minutes it was like being in the happiest place. I didn’t want it to end. I might want you to come home and live with me.”

Charlie and Rose, a singer and a stripper of sorts who performed “Viva Las Vegas”: “While my head is saying ‘You’re nuts,’ my heart is saying, ‘I want to see this all over again, but bigger and better.'”

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