[WATCH] Andrea Riseborough (‘Bloodline’) on mysterious new character: ‘I felt comfortable not knowing’

“My life didn’t look like Evangeline’s life, but I guess it could for anyone if you think about all the forks you could have gone down in life,” says Andrea Riseborough as we chat via webcam (watch above) bout her role in the second season of Netflix’s “Bloodline,” which is streaming now in its entirety.

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Riseborough plays a woman who had a son with ne’er-do-well Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn). Danny was killed off in season one, but his reckless choices continued to reverberate in season two. However, Riseborough wasn’t sure she was right for the role at first. “They said she was a mother – crikey, I don’t even have a dog, so I wasn’t sure I was really equipped to play the part,” the actress explains. “The way I imagined I could play her was that she is a child herself, completely ill-equipped. But the child she has was born very much out of love. It may have been twisted and imperfect – a lot of love is – but she truly loved Danny, idolized him almost. I think she wanted to be him.”

She didn’t know too much about her role and her story when she signed on, but that was to her liking. “I had watched one episode which was great because it allowed me to work in my favorite way, which is to not waste time and energy forgetting things my character doesn’t know, so I was able to filter everything out,” the actress explains. “It’s something I’m kind of familiar with. The first film I did was with Mike Leigh, and that very much informed how I worked, so I felt very comfortable not knowing.”

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