Top 10 BAFTA nominations reactions from our forums: Shock over ‘The Big Short’ windfall, ‘Spotlight’ shortfall, Charlotte Rampling snub

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The hottest place on the web for brutally brilliant discussion of today’s BAFTA noms announcement — and what it means for Oscar contenders — is the Gold Derby forums. Our readers are both happy and outraged (see their reactions below) with this year’s nominees from the British academy, which include “The Big Short,” “Bridge of Spies,” “Carol” “The Revenant” and “Spotlight” for Best Picture.

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But it wasn’t all good news for “Spotlight.” Among the biggest surprises came in the race for Best Director, where Tom McCarthy was left out in favor of “The Big Short” helmer Adam McKay. Also shocking our forum posters were the double nominations for Alicia Vikander for “The Danish Girl” and “Ex Machina,” and the Best Actress snub of Brit Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years“) on her home turf.

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AMG: Surprised by the amount of love “The Big Short” got – Director, Screenplay and Film? Yet “Spotlight” sits out Director? Maybe “The Big Short” is slowly becoming the true frontrunner for the race.

jhaddad: I never really predicted “Spotlight” to win but in such an odd year I’m not going to take any statistic and completely discount a film. I still think McCarthy will receive a nomination at the Oscars since the BAFTA lineup of directors has been so wishy washy over the years in terms of matching the academy, but I definitely don’t think he is winning either award (Picture or Director).

Luke McGowan: “Ex Machina” just keeps on gaining momentum, and I’m very excited about that! If Vikander got an Oscar nod for that instead of “Danish Girl,” the Academy would be so cool. Heck, if they gave her a lead nod in “DG” and supporting in “EM” I’d be even happier like BAFTA and Globes. The girl is extremely talented.

Manuelcolon: They only bumped Vikander to lead just so they could give her a double nomination, most critic awards have been doing this, and i see it as on purpose, thinking “She was good in both, i think we should change her to lead just to give her two nominations.” It is not fair that Rooney Mara stays on the supporting side when the other one is being upgraded just because two powerful roles.

4getregret: “Minions” is nominated for a BAFTA. Let me repeat that. Minions is nominated for a BAFTA. Is animation dead?

BAFTA nominations analysis: What do they tell us about Oscars?

FreemanGriffin: Bryan Cranston is getting an Oscar nomination. He’s a lock for a nomination and could even win. I believe he will win SAG. If by some miracle he also wins GG, he can win the Oscar I am keeping my fingers crossed!

AviChristiaans: As usual, people are taking some of these BAFTA nominations way too seriously. AND EVERY YEAR MOST OF THE BOLD CHOICES BAFTA MAKES DO NOT TRANSLATE TO OSCARS. Not Roger Deakins‘s wins, Damien Chazelle in Directing [for “Whiplash“], Refn’s “Drive,” Ralph Fiennes in Actor [for “The Grand Budapest Hotel“], Berenice Bejo in Lead Actress [instead of supporting for “The Artist“], etc etc. The only time BAFTA was really revealing was Kate Winslet (“The Reader”) showed up in Lead at BAFTA and then at the Oscars.

JOHN: No Kristen Stewart for “Clouds of Sils Maria,” another disappointment. I thought she was going to get in, due to the fact that her film is a European film. But it is what it is, I’m prepared for dissapointment all over again.

Jason Travis: The Rampling snub is surprising, but [Maggie Smith] is a legend especially in Britian.  And [Marion Cotillard] was shockingly snubbed here last year [for “Two Days One Night“] and still made it at the Oscars, so don’t count her out yet.

Sasha: How people can be shocked that Charlotte Rampling was snubbed? This is BAFTA we’re talking about. These are the same people who snubbed Sally Hawkins for “Happy-Go-Lucky” when she raped critics awards in U.S. like crazy. Long gone are days when they actually awarded deserving people who had no chance at getting Oscar … Now they try to predict ‘The Big Ones’ like everybody else. It’s a shame but what can you do?

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Photo Credits: “45 Years” by Moviestore/REX; “The Big Short” by Paramount; “Spotlight” by Open Road Films

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