‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ predictions: Bottom 3 houseguests are Justin Duncan, Shelby Stockton & Kryssie Ridolfi

Earlier we told you the Top 3 houseguests on “Big Brother: Over the Top” who are most likely to win, so now it’s time to analyze the game play of the Bottom 3. According to the predictions that are derived from readers like you, it is unlikely that either Justin Duncan, Shelby Stockton and Kryssie Ridolfi will be the winner of this inaugural streaming-only season. Do you agree or disagree with our readers’ findings that these are the Bottom 3 houseguests? Hurry – make your “Big Brother: Over the Top” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting who will be out next.

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Justin Duncan — 28/1 odds to win
Of the six people still in the game, Justin is the only player to never win either a Head of Household or Veto competition. In fact, his performances in many of the challenges have been outright laughable. Justin almost went home during last week’s double eviction, but HOH Danielle Lickey broke the tie in his favor by sending home Whitney Hogg instead. Justin may not get a second chance.

Shelby Stockton — 100/1 odds to win
Seeing as how Shelby is now one of only two remaining Ball Smashers (the other being Morgan Willett), it’s no surprise to see her tied for last place with Kryssie at 100/1 odds to win. But Shelby is a very likeable person and could easily win the grand prize if she’s sitting in the finals against someone like Danielle (who America tried to vote out in Week 3) or Kryssie (who rubs many viewers the wrong way).

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Kryssie Ridolfi — 100/1 odds to win
Not only do our readers give Kryssie disastrous odds to win, but this 31-year-old waitress from Chicago, IL also ranks as the most-hated houseguest of “Big Brother: Over the Top.” Kryssie sometimes seems to forget that she’s playing a game in which America will decide who wins, as her take-no-prisoners attitude is unlikely to yield many votes in the end … if she makes it that far.

In our “Big Brother” predictions center, you get to forecast how the houseguests will rank from first to last. Each eviction episode airs Wednesday at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET, so be sure to update your predictions before that weekly cutoff time. The last houseguest standing at the end of the fall will win the $250,000 prize.

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Gold Derby readers just like YOU often turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. You can continue to update and change your forecasts throughout the week, just click “Save” when you’ve settled on your choices. You’ll compete to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate, bragging rights and a place of honor on our leaderboard. Be sure to read our contest rules and sound off on this season of “Big Brother” in our reality TV forum.

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