‘Big Brother’ Season 18: Jozea Flores, Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers are likeliest early evictions

After already naming the houseguests who are likeliest to winBig Brother,” it’s time to predict which three are most likely to be evicted in the early weeks given their current status and strategy in the Season 18 house. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jozea Flores — All signs point to Jozea being the first proper eviction of the season. He has a big ego, but an even bigger target on his back because of it. It’s “BB” 101 that you don’t stick your neck too far out in the first few weeks of the game because the first Head of Household is looking for any reason to know who to nominate in such a wide field of options. Jozea made no secret of who he’s coming after, giving Nicole no other choice but to make him hers. Unless he wins the Power of Veto on Wednesday’s episode, Jozea is as good as gone.

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Nicole Franzel — First HOH is a dangerous position to be in and while Nicole didn’t necessarily want it, she needed it. Unfortunately for her, that need has made her an easy target for her opposition in the next few weeks. Unable to compete for HOH next week means that unless Team Freakazoids, already down one in numbers, takes the crown again (presumably keeping her immune, too) she’ll be ripe for the picking. The new Roadkill competition is where Nicole’s enemies can do the most damage, nominating her in secret at the last minute and rallying enough newbies to get a simple majority over the other two nominees on eviction night. She’ll have to fight hard or cash in on some good karma if she’s going to make it even halfway into the game.

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DaVonne Rogers — Da’Vonne is a total wildcard and for all she’s seemed to have learned from her mistakes last season — keep information to yourself, build trust early — there’s a ton of work she has yet to do. The first few days of the competition were pretty rough for her and at one point it seemed like the threat of going home early might actually cause a complete emotional breakdown. With either Jozea or Paul Abrahamiam likely going home this first week, Da’Vonne’s game will surely get a needed boost, but the early signs show that she’s prone to playing on emotion rather than level-headedness and it’ll spell early disaster especially if the other members of the 8-Pack alliance catch wind of her many side alliances.

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