[WATCH] Brett Dier (‘Jane the Virgin’) dishes season two cliffhanger, teases season three

“That was insane. I obviously got emotional,” admits “Jane the Virgin” star Brett Dier as we chat via webcam (watch above) about his show being the first from the CW network to reap a Golden Globe bid for Best Comedy Series. “Going to the Golden Globes was something I never thought I’d to until I was old. You see all these people you look up to and then you’re like wait, why am I here? Holy crap.”

Dier plays Michael Cordero, who recently married the title character (Golden Globe champ Gina Rodriguez). However, that union could be short-lived as season two concluded with a bang. “When he got shot I felt sad and upset as me. It’s just a weird trippy thing because I feel like me and Michael are two different people. It’s almost like I’m schizophrenic.” The actor readily reveals he didn’t learn about this plot twist from series creator Jennie Urman until the day before the table read. “She told me the day before the table read. She was like ‘just so you know, you’re getting shot’ and I’m like ‘alright. Cool.’” But this cliffhanger isn’t cool with viewers – we just want to know!

Dier credits critical praise and an abundance of #TeamMichael fans to the attributes of his character. “He’s just growing all the time. Michael’s the kind of guy to always try and find love because he’s all about love.” The actor admits he follows that same mantra. “I don’t show up to work just to get it done. I use every day to learn acting, I want to be the best I can be. That’s all about being an actor is to keep learning. As soon as you stop learning you should quit because you obviously don’t care about it anymore.”

Dier, who is contending for Best Supporting Comedy Actor, can’t decide between the finale and another when it comes to his episode submission. “The Britney Spear episode was good too because I got to do a backflip off the wall and that’s also the episode where I punched Rafael in the face, and hurt Mateo and then go to her house and be like ‘Oh my God I hurt Mateo!’ That was a pretty insane episode.”

Watch the rest of our exclusive chat with the “Jane the Virgin” star above to find out more about how Jaime Camil helped him learn the Spanish wedding vows, the bromance between Michael and Rogelio, and what inspired him from the moment he received the pilot script.

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