Poll: Will Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’) finally be nominated for Best Actress at the Emmys?

After season one of “Outlander,” Caitriona Balfe earned a much-deserved bid for Best Drama Actress at the Golden Globes where “Outlander” was also nominated for Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actor (Tobias Menzies). Unfortunately, Sam Heughan was overlooked.

The hit Starz series struck out three times, but right now Emmy voting is under way, so it may come roaring back for season two. At the Emmys, “Outlander” has many more chances for recognition, since there are lots of categories for the program’s impressive crafts — costumes, music, cinematography, editing and more — in addition to acting, writing, directing and Best Drama Series.

Can Caitriona Balfe finally be recognized by her peers in the television industry? She didn’t make the list last year, but her performance was especially enriched in season two by shocking plot twists that included poisonings, betrayals, reluctant sex with the King of France and the miscarriage of a baby girl. If Balfe gets nominated she plans to submit the poignant episode in which she loses the child and then sings to the dead baby in her arms (“Faith”) as her sample episode to be weighed by the judges.

Several experts polled by Gold Derby believe she will be nominated (see predictions), including Lynette Rice (Entertainment Weekly), Ken Tucker (Yahoo), Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby) and myself. The experts give her 27-to-10 racetrack odds. You can increase her odds by making your Emmy predictions here.

Below: cast your vote and watch my interview with Balfe as she discusses what it was like to be in the Golden Globe running and to attend the ceremony with Heughan and Menzies.


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