‘Dancing with the Stars’ week 5 predictions update: Laurie Hernandez widens lead with 2-to-13 odds of winning

Dancing with the Stars” enters its fifth week of competition on Monday night, October 10, when the remaining nine contestants will perform routines inspired by their most memorable year. Following last week’s performances, have our predictions contest entrants changed their minds about who will win the Mirror Ball Trophy? See the current standings below (week-to-week changes are in italics), and check out our complete racetrack odds for Monday night.

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  1. Laurie Hernandez — 2/13 (last week: 1st with 1/4 odds)
  2. Calvin Johnson — 14/1 (last week: 2nd with 16/1 odds)
  3. Marilu Henner — 28/1 (last week: 4th with 28/1 odds)
  4. James Hinchcliffe — 50/1 (last week: 3rd with 16/1 odds)
  5. Terra Jole — 100/1 (last week: 7th with 100/1 odds)
  6. Jana Kramer — 100/1 (last week: 6th with 100/1 odds)
  7. Amber Rose — 100/1 (last week: 11th with 100/1 odds)
  8. Ryan Lochte — 100/1 (last week: 10th with 100/1 odds)
  9. Maureen McCormick — 100/1 (last week: 9th with 100/1 odds)

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The biggest takeaway from our current “DWTS” predictions is that not only is gymnast Laurie Hernandez still the frontrunner, she’s actually widened her lead, significantly improving from 1/4 odds last week to 2/13 odds this week. That’s likely the result of her performance in last Monday’s Cirque du Soleil-inspired show, which earned her the first perfect score of the season.

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Football player Calvin Johnson also improves this week. He’s still second place, but his odds are a notch better: he’s up from 16/1 odds to 14/1 odds. He remains an underdog relative to Hernandez, but as it stands he’s looking good for a spot in the finals.

The rest of our standings are more surprising. Actress Marilu Henner actually improves to third place with 28/1 odds (the same odds as last week) despite coming off of a performance that put her near the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard — perhaps our contest entrants think she was underscored last week.

Even more unexpected is race car driver James Hinchcliffe’s precipitous drop in our predictions. He falls from third place to fourth, and he’s way down from 16/1 odds last week to distant 50/1 odds this week. But Hinchcliffe’s Cirque du Soleil performance was the only dance besides Hernandez’s to get a 10. So why have our users lost faith in him?

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If you think we’re underestimating Hinchcliffe — or perhaps overestimating Hernandez — you can keep making your predictions for who will win season 23 of “DWTS,” as well as who will get the highest judges’ score, who will get the lowest score, how many 10s the judges will give out and who (if anyone) will be eliminated this week.

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