[WATCH] ‘Daredevil’ exclusive ‘Women of Hell’s Kitchen’ featurette teases Karen/Elektra/Matt love triangle

“Karen and Elektra are two very different but very complex women,” says Deborah Ann Woll about her character Karen’s juicy love triangle with Elektra (Elodie Yung) and Matt (Charlie Cox) on Marvel’s “Daredevil.” For more exclusive Season 2 interviews with the cast, watch Netflix’s new “Women of Hell’s Kitchen” featurette above.

“She’s becoming more confident in herself and she’s even doing her own investigation into the Punisher,” adds Woll. “At the same time, Karen and Matt are just beginning to explore these feelings that they have for one another. Matt is in this incredible position of having to choose between his past and his present and it’s fascinating to watch him kind of tear himself apart.”

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New cast member Yung agrees, saying, “Elektra is in a way the opposite of Karen. She’s from a very rich background. She doesn’t really have feelings for people. Ten years ago when she did not expect it, she fell in love with Matthew. But then she disappears for 10 years. When she comes back … she knows the truth about Matt Murdock, but he doesn’t know all the details about her.”

“With Elektra and Karen, he’s got two people who he’s able to be completely himself with, but in the understanding that he is two people,” Cox chimes in. Last year “Daredevil” earned three nominations at the Emmy Awards: Best Main Title Design, Best Sound Editing and Best Supporting Visual Effects. How will it perform in Season 2? Sound off in the comments section below or join the discussion right here in our TV forum.

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