[WATCH] David Bowie: Posthumous Emmy for ‘The Last Panthers’ main title music?

SundanceTV is planning to enter a number of contenders for its six-part international thriller “The Last Panthers” at the Emmys, but one of the program’s most interesting names is found below the line. David Bowie is being submitted posthumously for Best Main Title Theme Music (watch the opening titles above). The legendary British rocker, who died in January, won an Emmy once before in his storied career.

In 2003 he prevailed at the Daytime Emmys for Best Special Class Special for “Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The 1970s,” which he narrated. He has never won an Emmy for music, though. But being a major rock star doesn’t necessarily guarantee him a seat at the Emmy table. Just ask Fiona Apple, who wrote the theme music for “The Affair” last year but wasn’t even nominated.

The “Last Panther” main titles were designed by Nic Benns for MOMOCO, the company also responsible for the opening sequences of “Hannibal,” “Luther,” “Ripper Street” and more. Benns is already an Emmy-winner for Best Main Title Design: he won in 2012 for the Charles Dickens adaptation “Great Expectations.” That year he was also nominated for the Cinemax series “Strike Back.”

Last year’s Emmy for Best Main Title Design went to the period drama “Manhattan.” Other winners include the memorable animated openers of “Mad Men” (2008), “United States of Tara” (2009) and “Game of Thrones” (2011), as well as the eerie credits sequence of “True Detective” (2014), which is similar to “The Last Panthers” in its ominous tone.

Do you think Bowie and Benns will win? Watch “The Last Panthers” opening titles above and decide for yourself.

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