Daytime Emmy nominations reactions: Adele closer to EGOT? Mad about ‘Days’ acting snubs?

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What did you think of the 2016 Daytime Emmy nominations, which were announced Thursday afternoon on CBS’s “The Talk“? “The Young and the Restless” led the way with 27 nominations, followed by “General Hospital” (24), “The Bold and the Beautiful” (23) and “Days of Our Lives” (16).

Daytime Emmy nominations 2016: Complete list

Our forum posters are discussing some of the surprises, like Adele‘s bid for performing on “Today” (if she wins, she’ll be just a Tony away from EGOT) and some of the disappointing snubs against “Days” (no Billy Flynn or Christopher Sean in acting races!?). Do you agree with their rants and raves? Read some of their comments below, then join the discussion in our forums.

lovethedrama: Wow! Adele and Bruno Mars nommed for Daytime Emmys! Pretty cool!

FreemanGriffin: Disappointments: Billy Flynn, Judi Evans, Christopher Sean and Casey Moss (why don’t they like him?) snubbed. Thrilled for the most part: Kassie! Justin! Tyler! Mary Beth! Finola! Maura! Lauralee! Jessica! Peggy! Melissa! Nicholas! Brooklyn Rae! True! Reign! Pierson!

NateDoggg: Outstanding Musical Performance in a Talk Show/Morning Program? When did that become a thing? So all four daytime dramas get nominated again. “General Hospital” and “The Young and The Restless” expectedly dominated, but I was surprised at all of the acting nominations for “Days of Our Lives.” My new favoritie category is definitely the Guest Performer one. After last year’s three-way tie, which still couldn’t net Meredith Baxter a long overdue Emmy, this year we have Dee Wallace and Anna Maria Horsford in the mix!

jjjmoss: Some of those “digital daytime drama series” happen to be 15 or fewer minutes, so wouldn’t they also qualify for the new Primetime Emmy Creative Arts categories of Short-Form Series? I can’t see how a series could be declared daytime or not daytime when it’s all online and watchable at any time.

EmmyLoser: There are some disappointments here, but no major outrage. I would have been happier with some other noms (especially in the Supporting Actor category, where I would have much rather seen Christopher Sean and Darin Brooks than Sean Blakemore, Dominic Zamprogna and Steve Burton), but I’m also happy for some of the surprises on the list, like Melissa Reeves and Lauralee Bell in Supporting Actress and Tyler Christopher in Lead Actor. Mary Beth Evans got two acting noms in one day, which is pretty exciting … Also worth noting: almost all of the craft categories that have three nominees instead of four exclude “Days.” Maybe their submissions were just subpar, though it’s funny considering how much Ken Corday talked up the production values of the post-summer shows and the anniversary celebration.

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robbalto: Lead Actress: Very happy to see Kassie DePaiva. I was a bit surprised to see Tracey E. Bregman and Mary Beth Evans, but they are both wonderful and I am happy for them. Lead Actor: Disappointed not to see Billy Flynn. Very excited for Justin Hartley. Happy to see Tyler Christopher and Kristoff St. John. Glad to see some new faces in this category … Overall: If I can get past the “Days” snubs, I might enjoy this year’s awards.

GoMe91: [“B&B” star] Karla Mosely‘s snub kills me, especially considering everyone else in her storyline got a nomination. It’s a black hole in the line up IMO (I know she wasn’t pre-nommed, but STILL!). Otherwise the acting nominations are fine. Liked seeing Dee Wallace. Liked seeing Bregman. Liked seeing the ladies from “Days.” Liked seeing Zamprogna (Edgemont represent). Liked seeing the little kids from “GH” get in.

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