[WATCH] Daytime Emmy reels slugfest: All hail Jessica Collins, plus Jacob Young’s ‘Bold’ storyline

Tony Ruiz and I have watched the episodes submitted by the nominees for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress at the Daytime Emmys (watch our slugfest above). These two races are among the year’s trickiest to forecast; you could make a case for any of the women and most of the men. But we strongly agree on two things: the excellence of Jessica Collins from “The Young and the Restless” and the power of Jacob Young‘s storyline from “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

“It’s one of those playing-to-the-rafters sort of performances, but in the best possible way,” said Ruiz about Collins’s reel, in which she angrily confronts her ex and then recovers in the hospital after being assaulted. “I just think it’s an absolutely dynamite submission.” We believe she delivers the best performance in her category, but on top of that she also has one of the best submissions in the Supporting Actor race, where she is prominently featured in her “Y&R” co-star Steve Burton‘s submission and threatens to upstage him.

But Collins isn’t a slam dunk. She faces a pair of “Days of our Lives” veterans: Melissa Reeves and Peggy McCay, both of whom have been in daytime for decades and neither of whom has won for their roles (McCay has, however, won a Primetime Emmy).  “The first few minutes of her reel I really responded to,” said Ruiz of McCay’s performance of her character’s deteriorating health, but we’re both even more enthusiastic about Reeves, who angrily confronts her son and the older woman he’s having an affair with: “If she wins I’ll do a cartwheel. I’ve actually watched this reel twice.”

[WATCH] Daytime Emmy reels slugfest:
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That leaves Lauralee Bell (“Y&R”) and Linsey Godfrey (“The Bold and the Beautiful”). Neither of us are predicting them to win, but it would be foolish to count them out.

Supporting Actor also appears to be a three-way race, but while Young’s performance is mostly restrained, the impact of his storyline, in which he professes his love after his fiancee reveals she is transgender, could push him over the top. “He’s definitely got a shot here,” says Ruiz. “His storyline resonated so much … He plays the sensitivity of his scene really well.”

But there are two much showier performances in the mix, and Emmy voters often can’t resist their brand of high-quality grandstanding. Bryton James (“Y&R”) lashes out at his father for letting him believe his wife was dead, which is “the most adult, heavy-duty material that I’ve seen him deal with, and I thought it was fantastic,” according to Ruiz. Meanwhile, Domonic Zamprogna (“General Hospital”) gives “a dynamic enough performance that I’ve had him in first for a while, but I honestly don’t know.”

The remaining Supporting Actor nominees are Sean Blakemore (“GH”) and the aforementioned Steve Burton (“Y&R”), both of whom may be too subdued to stand out.

Who do you think will win the supporting contests at the Daytime Emmys? Make sure to check out our video slugfest on the lead-acting categories and watch the reels along with Ruiz’s in-depth analyses for Best Actor and Best Actress.

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