[WATCH] Are the Emmys rigged as Donald Trump claims?

In the third presidential debate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called out Republican standard bearer Donald Trump for crying foul at the Emmys. She noted,“there was even a time when he did not get an Emmy for his TV program and he started tweeting that the Emmys were rigged against him.” At that point Trump interrupted, not with his trademarked “wrong” but rather “I should have gotten it.” As the industry leaders in Emmy coverage and prognostication, we at Gold Derby could not let this claim go unchecked. So we held our own debate, to settle the score once and for all about the integrity of the Emmys. Watch our freewheeling discussion above.

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Charlie Bright opens the case on behalf of Trump with a prolonged word salad of tangents and conspiracy theories of which the Donald would be proud. “I have several words for you and these are the best words for you. These are the best ones. Angela Lansbury. Everybody loves Angela Lansbury. How many Emmys does she have? Zero. There must be a coordinated plot by the international television elites to make sure people are never recognized. And then look at who has won. I’m not sure if they are actual names. I think the academy just put stuff together. Barry Pepper –  I think I had that dish at a Checkers once. The drama actress this year was Tatiana Maslany. Kiefer Sutherland couldn’t even say her name right. These are forever proofs that the Emmys are set up to perpetually disappoint and rob people like Mr. Donald J. Trump, who are completely due.”

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Then Tony Ruiz comes out swinging, urging all of us “to look at the subject matter” of the show that beat “The Apprentice.”  “’The Amazing Race’ was about ordinary people with the high stakes of going to different countries and having to deal with cultural problems. With ‘The Apprentice’ you had a bunch of spoilt people with MBAs trying to get daddy Donald to give them keys to their new car.”

And Amanda Spears concurs, relying on prepared facts, likely lifted straight from a Clinton debate prep session. “I don’t think you can claim they were rigged when you look at the nominees. I think there is something very technical about the way ‘The Amazing Race’ is produced. When ‘The Apprentice’ was competing voters had to sign an affidavit saying they had watched a submitted episode from all the nominees. The ‘Race’ is always going to seem more exciting with its epic nature. With ‘The Apprentice’ we are talking about a reality show that was nominated twice and then completely fell off the map.”

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