Early Oscar buzz from our forums: Ewan McGregor, Rachel Weisz, Viola Davis …

It’s never too early to start considering Oscars — okay sometimes it is, but our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, are eager to discuss for this year’s race. They are dishing contenders that have already been released (like “The Lobster,” “Finding Dory” and “Love & Friendship”) and others that are yet to come (including “Denial,” “Fences” and “American Pastoral”).  Do you think you know already how the Oscar season will shape up? Read some of our posters comments below and then click here to join the discussion in our forums.

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sergyoRachel Weisz looks brilliant in “Denial,” it seems like this could be the year of her return to the Oscars.

Robert Russaw: Viola Davis does look good for a win for “Fences,” although it will be tough sitting through another Annette Bening loss, if she goes lead [for “20th Century Women”]. Same goes for Michelle Pfeiffer if her movie [“Beat-Up Little Seagull”] takes off. It will be interesting to see what major movie this year goes all the way to Best Picture, but “Silence” looks pretty good.

Tyler the Awesome Guy: I think it’s possible [that “Finding Dory” gets a Best Picture nomination]. I mean they went with “Toy Story 3.” The problem is “Toy Story 3” was face-meltingly good and “Finding Dory” reputedly isn’t. If they like it as much as “TS3,” then I think it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

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Hunter Logan: The trailer for “American Pastoral,” Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut, looks like just as much of an Oscar contender as I thought it would be! It has a prime release date, a heavy subject matter that appears to be right in the academy’s wheelhouse, boasts some seemingly fantastic performances, and it’s a period piece, which is always a plus.

Eddy Q: What if Whit Stillman could make a comeback 26 years after his Original Screenplay contender Metropolitan? This time he is in the running for Adapted Screenplay with Love & Friendship, based on the Jane Austen novella “Lady Susan.” Critics have called it one of the best ever Austen adaptations, with 99% at RT and a Metascore of 86. The question is, will the writers branch of the academy take note or will it completely fall by the wayside amid the onslaught of Oscar-tailored late releases? Kate Beckinsale has also been highly praised, but may face an uphill battle in the Lead Actress race.

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FilmGuy619: I saw” The Lobster” today and I think it is not only the best film so far this year, but it could be a surefire contender. Its strongest bet might be Best Original Screenplay and it might also do well at the Globes thanks to their nomination changes.

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