Emmy poll: Which of last year’s 8 Comedy Supporting Actress nominees will be snubbed?

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In one of last year’s most unusual Emmy developments, there were eight nominees for Best Comedy Supporting Actress instead of the allotted six. Just as remarkable given TV’s usual rate of turnover is that all eight women are eligible to return: Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory“), Julie Bowen (“Modern Family“), Anna Chlumsky (“Veep“),  Gaby Hoffmann (“Transparent“), Jane Krakowski (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt“), Kate McKinnon (“Saturday Night Live“), Niecy Nash (“Getting On“) and two-time defending champ Allison Janney (“Mom“).

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It would be unlikely for all eight to be nominated again. So who is the most likely to be snubbed. Our forum posters are discussing who the odd woman (or women) out will be. Read some of their comments below and click here to join the discussion in our message boards. And make sure to vote in our poll and make your predictions at the bottom of this post.

Rooney Moore: I hope the answer is Bowen and Bialik. But logic says Bialik and Nash.  Either way, Nash’s nomination over Vergara will always be remembered as one of the most inspiring things the Emmys have ever done (which isn’t saying much, but still).

Nick: Do they love Gaby Hoffmann? I’d say the only lock is really Chlumsky. Maybe they’ll nominate Judith Light this time [for “Transparent” instead]? But I’d say Nash gets out.

Sturnc: I think Chlumsky, Janney, McKinnon, Hoffman, and Krakowski are safe, assuming season two of “Kimmy Schmidt” isn’t a trainwreck. I think the last spot goes to Bowen, Bialik, or Light. I’m going with Bialik right now, but I am not at all confident predicting her over Bowen.

TerenceFletcher: Niecy Nash is definitely out (unfortunately), and after her I also have Mayim Bialik out, as “The Big Bang Theory” seems to be quickly decreasing in popularity (thankfully). That leaves me with my current six of Chlumsky, McKinnon, Bowen, Krakowski, Hoffmann, and Janney, but I am worried about the possibility of Judith Light or Carol Kane spoiling my predictions.

jf123: I think Chlumsky and Janney are locks, while Krakowski and Hoffman are safe … Bowen, Light, Nash, Bialik, and McKinnon are fighting for those last two spots. I would pick Light and McKinnon. Light’s show had an even more acclaimed season and she had a lot more material to work with, and the Globe nom doesnt hurt.

AMG: Krakowski is an interesting case. I feel her nod was slightly more for her name than her performance last year. She’s good in “Kimmy Schmidt,” but nothing in comparison to Kemper and Burgess. If the show gets into series, she should be fine. Depends how series two goes down.

AayaanUpadhyaya: Both Chlusmky and Hoffman are absolute locks this year. I’d also add McKinnon with her increasing profile (“Ghostbusters”), and this being an election year with Hllary Clinton at the forefront. Although not nominated last year, I have Judith Light at fourth place, I really feel like she and Hoffman both are making it this year.

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