[WATCH] Emmy predictions slugfest on Best Comedy Directing: ‘Veep’ (x3) vs. ‘Silicon Valley’ (x2), ‘Transparent,’ ‘Master of None’

“On a mobile device, you get just a list of the shows that are nominated in alphabetical order and they don’t have the director’s name or the episode name,” reveals contributing editor Zach Laws as we chat via webcam (watch above) about the voting process for the Emmy Awards. “And then you have to click on it to see which of these episodes you’re voting, so I think that’s going to be a little confusing,” he continues.

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Zach, Amanda Spears and I dish the nominees, starting with those helmers up for Best Comedy Series. Due to a tie, there are seven directors who worked on four series:

Master of None” season 1
“Parents” (Aziz Ansari)

Silicon Valley” season 3
“Daily Active Users” (Alec Berg)
“Founder Friendly” (Mike Judge)

Transparent” season 2
“Man on the Land” (Jill Soloway)

Veep” season 5
“Kissing Your Sister” (David Mandel)
“Morning After” (Chris Addison)
“Mother” (Dale Stern)

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Confusion over episodes could be especially detrimental this year, as the Emmys switch to plurality voting to determine winners. Voters previously ranked the nominees, so vote-splitting was not a factor. With a whopping three episodes nominated this year, “Veep” is clearly the favorite laffer of the directors’ branch. And one of those, “Mother,” is the frontrunner to win.

However, we three are predicting a “Transparent” upset because we suspect that the votes for “Veep” will be too divided. As I elaborate, “You’ve got the season premiere by Chris Addison and he just won [the Directors Guild Award] and then you’ve got the episode ‘Mother,’ which is the most popular episode — it’s the only one of this group that’s nominated also for Writing and Editing — and then you have ‘Kissing Your Sister,’ which is by the show runner David Mandel and is the one that would probably win under the [panel judging system that was in place through 2014], so I have no idea which ‘Veep’ episode will come closest.”

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Amanda speculates, “In a couple years, we’re going to see — if we do see a lot of vote-splitting — whether or not these shows become a little more strategic in deciding, ‘Do we really just want to get as many nominations as we can or do we want to set ourselves up for the best possible scenario [to win]?”

Below, a breakdown of our discussion by time-stamp.

00:00 — The Nominees
01:05 — Layout of the Online Ballot
03:05 — Why We Predict “Transparent”
07:55 — Forecast for Future Years
09:00 — General Discussion
12:25 — “Veep” Submission Strategy
14:15 — Prediction Rankings

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