Emmys 2016: The good (emotional speeches), bad (politics) and ugly (no clips)

For the awards-obsessed editors of Gold Derby, the Emmy Awards are like every Christmas, birthday and wedding all rolled into one. We eagerly await the opening of every envelope, transcribe every speech and celebrate our savvy predictions while bemoaning those upsets that show us up.

Below, our collective thoughts on the highs, lows and WTF moments of Sunday’s kudocast of Emmys 2016.

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Genuine emotion from many of the winners, like Sarah Paulson’s apology to Marcia Clark and Jeffrey Tambor’s lovely speech where he encouraged Hollywood to let transgendered actors play their own roles – Tony Ruiz

The People v. O.J. Simpson” winning a million Emmys, including a long-awaited victory for Sarah Paulson. Crisis averted! – Marcus James Dixon

Julia Louis-Dreyfus reduced me to tears with the mention of her father’s influence. We complain about repeat winners a lot, but she showed why she always has a place on the Emmy stage – Sam Eckmann

Tatiana Maslany. No other Emmy past or present matters – Ralph Galvan

Genuine appreciation from first time winners! It was lovely to see from Rami Malek, Kate McKinnon, Sterling K. Brown and Sarah Paulson! – Amanda Spears

Even though it killed my predictions, I loved so many new winners or non-repeats from last year. – Chris Beachum

Courtney B. Vance, Sarah Paulson, and Sterling K. Brown were the heart and soul of “The People v. O.J. Simpson.” Glad to see the three of them recognized with Emmy wins. The win for “Key & Peele” in its final season was well-deserved also – Zach Laws

Moving to a plurality vote from preferential ballot fixed a lot of the problems created by the new system last year.  Both of our drama lead acting winners stood no chance under a system where newcomers invariably got ranked last by voters unfamiliar with their work – Riley Chow

The “spreading the wealth” in the comedy categories. While I’m personally disappointed “Veep” didn’t do better overall, it was nice to see “Baskets,” “Master of None,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Veep,” and “Transparent” pick up significant wins – David Buchanan

The night started off beautifully with a well-deserved win for journeyman stand-up comedian and actor Louie Anderson winning for the role of his career in a little-seen “Baskets.” Anderson was visibly moved by the pat on the back from the industry for his risky, heartfelt performance as a woman of a certain age – Rob Licuria

Jimmy Kimmel knocked it out of the park on his second go-around as Emmy host. After an uneven turn in 2012, Kimmel hit all the right notes with his hosting duties. From great gags (scolding Maggie Smith for not showing up and the bit with Matt Damon) to hilarious one-liners (“Transparent” being a drama that identifies as a comedy) to just screwing around (introducing Bill Cosby to see the crowd’s reaction) Kimmel is now a truly worthy shepherd of our beloved Emmy telecast – Charles Bright

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Mark Burnett’s shameless self promotion during an acceptance speech. Get the hook! – Tony Ruiz

Random presenter duos. If Connie Britton is in the audience, why is Kyle Chandler not presenting with her? Likewise, why didn’t Keri Russell present with TV and real-life hubby Matthew Rhys? – Marcus James Dixon

Ben Mendelsohn gave one of the best performances on television in Bloodline…for season one. Why are the Emmys always a year behind? – Sam Eckmann

Giving such short shrift to three-time Emmy champ Patty Duke during the “In Memoriam” segment, which should have ended with her, not musician Prince – Paul Sheehan

Too much political humor! A little goes a long way! – Amanda Spears

The Kimmel bit with the sandwiches seemed repetitive from recent Oscars. – Chris Beachum

C’mon, Emmy band: let Aziz Ansari give at least a little bit of an acceptance speech. – Zach Laws

It is a dead horse at this point, but it bears repeating that the Emmys (and Oscars) need to work in clips.  Most people who watch the Emmys have no idea what so many of these nominated shows are, so give them a taste! – Riley Chow

A sensational season of “Fargo” gets entirely shut-out at the Primetime Emmy telecast in favor of its FX sister-series “The People v. O.J. Simpson.” – David Buchanan

Can we please do away with the accountants from whatever accounting firm counted the votes? Talk about dead air! – Rob Licuria

“House of Cards” going home empty handed. This was a fantastic season of the show with great performances all around. It was great, it was timely. What does this show have to do to get some love in the big categories? – Charles Bright

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No clips? The average Emmy viewer has no idea what “Baskets” or “Master of None” is, which is why there needs to be clips for every nominee – Marcus James Dixon

“All the Way” goes home empty handed? Shame. It’ll join “The Normal Heart” as another outstanding HBO movie that was strangely bested by an uneven season of “Sherlock” – Sam Eckmann

Vote splitting takes down a lot of actors and actresses in the Comedy and Drama categories – Amanda Spears

Lemonade” was a cultural event this year (perhaps THE cultural event of the year) and to have it walk away completely empty-handed makes the Emmys look really out of touch. Shame on them for dealing this insult to the great Queen Bey! – Charles Bright

It seems as though vote-splitting is a real thing in a few categories. Will this lead to fewer submissions from the same show? – Zach Laws

What did Jean Smart have to do to win an Emmy for “Fargo”? The Ben Mendelsohn win makes no sense either – Chris Beachum

There are still major issues with the everyone-votes system that frankly outweigh the good. Although playing a ghost does not always diminish a role (see Ann Dowd in “The Leftovers”), it certainly did in Ben Mendelsohn’s case. His winning episode submission makes Peter Dinklage‘s derided 2015 submission look like “Whitecaps.” – Riley Chow

The almost non-existent use of clips to introduce the acting nominees. All of the acting nominees deserve the fifteen to thirty seconds to showcase their nominated performances, not just the Best Drama Actor nominees – David Buchanan

It is such a shame when winners aren’t able to show up for the big night. Congratulations to Maggie Smith and Ben Mendelsohn, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz – Rob Licuria

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