Which new drama will make biggest Emmy impact: ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Vinyl,’ ‘Narcos’ …?

mr. robot vinyl narcos emmy best drama series

With “Mad Men” off the air, there’s at least one slot open in the Emmy race for Best Drama Series. The other six nominees are eligible again this year: “Better Call Saul,” “Downton Abbey,” “Homeland,” “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black” and the defending champ “Game of Thrones.” Will they be joined by a former favorite like “The Good Wife” for its final season, or will they welcome new blood?

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Our forum posters are debating what the strongest contenders are among new shows. According to their poll, USA’s “Mr. Robot” is by far the best bet among the freshman class. What do you think? Read some of our posters’ comments below, then join the discussion and vote in our message board.

jf123: If I had to pick one, it would be “Vinyl.” It’s executive produced by one of the most popular and acclaimed directors, Martin Scorsese (who directed the pilot) and Mick Jagger. Its on HBO, and stars Emmy winners Bobby Cannavale and Ray Romano.

Rooney Moore: The answer is “Mr. Robot.” “Narcos” is a big question mark. It’s both popular and on Netflix. That combination has worked for so many shows so far, but hard to figure out where it can get in.

pablozedd: Out of these, “Mr. Robot,” “Billions,” “Vinyl” and hopefully “Narcos.”

sturnc: “Mr. Robot and “Vinyl” will probably both make it. “Mr. Robot” has been recognized everywhere and buzz for it is off the charts, really the Emmys will have some serious explaining to do if it misses. “Vinyl” has the period piece vibe and the Terence Winter/Scorcese influence behind it and in a year without an obvious seventh series nominee I think it gets in.

Denis: It has gotta be “The Path.” God I hope I am not wrong on this one.

CourtneySmith: “Mr. Robot” should and hopefully will get in there. It has been recongized by the Critics and other award shows and the second season will be out around voting/nominations. It had an excellent first season that truly deserves recongition. I definitely think Christian Slater and Rami Malek will get in there too.

AwardsConnect: Can’t see how they resist “Mr. Robot.” If “The Family” is any good, though, Joan Allen should be a shoo-in for a nom.

jacob121: I am also very perplexed what to do with “Narcos.” I could see it making a big splash and surprising with a lot of noms or missing out 100%. Is it possible it bumps out “Orange or “House of Cards”?

SamEckmann: “Mr. Robot” has been on a roll and has the right momentum to break into some major races this year. Drama series, Rami Malek, and Directing noms should all be within reach. Amazon has proved themselves to be great campaigners, so I wouldnt be surprised to see some nominations for “The Man in the High Castle.”

mikeboy898: I am very curious about “The Path” – will it be Hulu’s first Emmy nomination? It seems very promising and has an Emmy darling (Aaron Paul) in the lead.

‘Mr. Robot’ at the Emmys: Will it score nominations for Best Drama, Writing & Directing?

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Photo credits: “Mr. Robot” by USA; “Vinyl” by HBO; “Narcos” by Netflix

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