[FORUMS] Top 20 bitchiest Emmy reactions: ‘So [bleeping] happy’ for ‘The Americans’ but Jane Krakowski snub ‘depressing’

Our forum posters are going nuts over this year’s batch of Emmy nominations. Here’s a look at some of their reactions to the expected, unexpected and just plain baffling of what was announced this morning. See the complete list of Emmy nominees here, and then join the Emmy discussions in our forums.

Emmy Awards nominations: Top 10 jaw-droppers include Laurie Metcalf x 3, Thomas Middleditch, RuPaul …


Guest2014: What is most disappointing; that Craig Ferguson couldn’t get even one Best Variety Series nomination in his entire 10-year run, but his inferior successor, James Corden, got one on his first try (and let’s face facts, the “Carpool Karaoke” segments were the difference).

mikeboy898: Jane Krakowski [snubbed for] “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – seriously what the fook?!

KylieistBoi: I think the lack of nominations for “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” proved that it is not what TV academy wants from Tina Fey. Or that they need a better campaign manager. I still can’t believe they missed out on nominations for Writing, Directing, and Supporting Actress.

Atypical: No Jane Krakowski is very depressing. “UKS” really could be dropped from Comedy Series next year (though “Modern Family” should go first), but gaining Ellie Kemper and retaining Tituss Burgess (!) are both major plusses, at least.

leothescorpio: No improvement for “Jane The Virgin.” I’m gutted.

Emmy Awards nominations: Top 10 snubs include ‘Outlander,’ ‘Mozart in the Jungle,’ Christian Slater …


EmmyLoser: THRILLED all the speculation that “The Americans” could finally break through turned out to be correct, and having “Mr. Robot” embraced.

flv4466: I’m so f*** happy about “The Americans” and the “UnReal” love that i can’t complain about anything this year.

Ute Kramer: I screamed when Lauren Graham announced Matthew Rhys‘s name [for Best Drama Actor]. Didn’t even noticed that Keri got nominated too.

mikeboy898: “The Leftovers” [didn’t even get] a Writing nod for “International Assassin”?!

Lord Freddy Blackfyre: I don’t want to rain in anyone parade but nominating Henson and Russell over Vera Farmiga and Eva Green is just gross.

Nate: I am ecstatic for “The Americans,” Matthew Rhys, and Keri Russell! Way to break through finally!

BamaEd: Oh I forgot to say yea “UnReal”!! Writing and Supporting Actress!!

Ivo Stoyanov: The haters of “Game of Thrones” need a reality check, the show deserves every single one of his nominations, I screamed when I read the name of Maisie Williams.

AviChristiaans: And the “Homeland” love made my heart sooo happy. Claire Danes proving she ain’t going nowhere. Best actress on television baby.

Emmy nominations 2016: Diversity abounds with ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Master of None,’ ‘Black-ish’


Andrew Carden: The noms for Gooding, Schwimmer and Travolta, on the other hand, are ridunkulous.

KylieistBoi: I wish it was Nathan Lane instead of Schwimmer that got nominated. But then again Frank Langella’s performance in “All the Way” was way better than the two plus Travolta combined, so whatever.

Kadu335: Surprised (and happy) at the great showing for “Grease Live” in the nominations. Was not expecting 10 nominations! They miss out some I thought they could get in (like Original Song and Choreography), but did amazing still!

SupaDupaFly: Thank God for “American Crime Story,” “Confirmation,” “American Crime,” and “Fargo” for damn near shutting out “American Horror Story.”

Marcus Snowden: Travolta getting in over Connor Jessup (“American Crime”) is pretty awful. Travolta probably had the weakest performance on that ensemble cast.

Atypical: Too bad “American Crime Story” sucked out virtually all the life from “American Crime” in the greater effort. John Travolta and David Schwimmer should NOT be there above Connor Jessup and Joey Pollari.

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