Emmys 2016 live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

Gold Derby editors and contributors can’t stifle what we think of every moment of the Emmy Awards. Here are live musings on the best, worst and craziest moments of Emmys 2016 from David BuchananMarcus Dixon, Ralph GalvanZach LawsRob Licuria, Paul SheehanAmanda Spears, Tony Ruiz and myself.

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MATT NOBLE (7:55 pm): and with a great series win ‘Game of Thrones’ overtakes the number of Emmys held by Frasier.

DAVID BUCHANAN (7:53pm): Could anything be better than Larry David presenting Comedy Series to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and “Veep”?!

ROB LICURIA (7:44 pm): I’m so happy right now. Malek and Maslany. Am I dreaming?

DAVID BUCHANAN (7:42pm): I am so thrilled for Rami Malek! What a terrific capper to an outstanding breakout year!

AMANDA SPEARS  (7:41 pm): Malek acceptance speech of the night! Bravo

TONY RUIZ (7:31pm): If you think about it, it’s kind of appropriate that Ben Mendelsohn wasn’t there to accept the Emmy; he was barely in season 2 of Bloodline to begin with.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (7:27 pm): Congrats Ben Mendelsohn on your Emmy win for Season 1! Yeah, I know you just won for the second season, but we’re all just gonna pretend it was for the first, when you actually deserved it.

AMANDA SPEARS (7:27 pm): Ben Mendelsohn. WHAT the bleep! How did that happen! Why!

AMANDA SPEARS (7:18 pm): Sometimes I hate being right! Smith’s win is that instance.

MATT NOBLE (7:17 pm): Kimmel interrupting Maggie Smith’s win was golden.

AMANDA SPEARS (7:10 pm): Do we really need presenters to present other presenters (guest winners)? Isn’t that what the host is for?

DAVID BUCHANAN (7:09pm): I love the graphics they’re using this year to introduce the writing nominees. Nicely done!

MATT NOBLE (7:02pm): Farewell props to Key and Peele over last years champ Schumer!

AMANDA SPEARS (6:54 pm): Best bit of the night! Damon & Kimmel bringing the funny! Next time they should co-host!

ROB LICURIA (6:52 pm): And the Emmy goes to “The Daily Show”…. Nope. “The Colbert Report”… Nope. FINALLY, something different! “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”! Hopefully next year we’ll see “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” join those ranks.

ROB LICURIA (6:47 pm): I called Patton Oswalt’s win because he’s one of the best comedians working today, has been doing it for years and years, and people feel genuinely sorry for him after his huge loss. I am so happy for Patton…

ZACH LAWS (6:49 pm): Beautiful speech by Patton.

AMANDA SPEARS (6:48 pm): Good for Oswalt! He should have s couple by now!!

RALPH GALVAN (6:38 pm): Emmy voters really didn’t care for “All the Way” nor for giving Bryan Cranston another Emmy (which he would have won one if the movie had won).

DAVID BUCHANAN (6:38pm): These voters LOVE Sherlock! What a shocker!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:31 pm): So fulfilling to finally see Sarah Paulson win her first trophy.

AMANDA SPEARS (6:27 pm): Yeah Paulson! See there is no GoldDerby curse!!!

AMANDA SPEARS (6:23 pm): Travolta what a class act! First one out of his seat for Brown!

ZACH LAWS (6:22 pm): My favorite win of the night has got to be Sterling K. Brown. I didn’t predict it, but it makes me so, so happy.

RALPH GALVAN (6:20 pm): “The Night Manager” throwing a wrench in “OJ’s” perceived dominance in these categories. Crazy, but with a completely deserving and awesome win!!

AMANDA SPEARS (6:15 pm): Do the Emmys hate Ryan Murphy? But a great night for Women directors!!!!

AMANDA SPEARS (6:12 pm): King’s win makes ABC happy!

RALPH GALVAN (6:10 pm): Wow! Regina King for a second time!!!?? That’s awesome. She took out Emmy darling Jean Smart. Whoa!

DAVID BUCHANAN (6:08pm): 3 nominees in Directing may have hurt “Veep,” but “O.J.” manages to come out unscathed in Limited Series Writing.

ROB LICURIA (6:05 pm): I LOVE LESLIE JONES. She slays like nobody else. Can she please host the Emmys next year?

RALPH GALVAN (6:00 pm): Here’s hoping the “Stranger Things” kids at the Emmys are a foreshadowing of next year. #Emmys2017 #VoteStrangerThings

AMANDA SPEARS (6:00 pm): Love the peanut butter and jelly bit! Unlike Ellen at the Oscars he had enough for everyone!!

DAVID BUCHANAN (5:55pm): You may begrudge their repeat wins (though I surely do not), but you’d be hard-pressed to find two more genuine actors than Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jeffrey Tambor. Lovely wins and emotional speeches from them both.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (5:45 pm): I just chatted with Louie Anderson in the press room. He goes, “Gold Derby! They were the ones predicting me to win!”

ZACH LAWS (5:45 pm): This Garry Shandling tribute is bringing me to tears. Truly a legend lost.

ROB LICURIA (5:42 pm): Julia Louis-Dreyfus, beautiful speech. You made me shed a tear. Love you…

RALPH GALVAN (5:40 pm): JLD may have won every time before, but this year she deserved it more than anyone – her submission “Mother” was a tour de force. Bravo!

ROB LICURIA (5:40 pm): Poor Laurie Metcalf… Three amazing nominations, no wins. Better luck next year, comedy legend!

AMANDA SPEARS (5:40 pm): Dreyfus, please do us all a favor and do what Bergen did for Murphy Brown and remove yourself from consideration. Five is enough!!

ROB LICURIA (5:30 pm): Jill Soloway wins second consecutive Emmy, and so well deserved. One of the best speeches at the Emmys in years. Followed by an excellent joke by Kimmel (“Transparent” born as a drama but identifies as a comedy).

TONY RUIZ (5:29pm): I’m still not sure why sketch players get to be in supporting categories, but Kate McKinnon’s genuine shock and emotion made it a little more palatable.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (5:27 pm): Hillary Clinton just won her second Emmy … kind of. Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon both won this year for portraying the Presidential candidate.

RALPH GALVAN (5:27 pm): Kate McKinnon makes so much sense. Election year, Hillary + “Ghostbusters” – just so much sense.

DAVID BUCHANAN (5:27): We can’t say variety performers don’t win in Primetime Comedy categories anymore! Kate McKinnon!

ZACH LAWS (5:24): I knew “Master of None” would win in writing. This vote splitting may actually be a thing

AMANDA SPEARS (5:16 pm): The first victims of vote splitting Hale and Walsh! But what a great surprise!

MARUS JAMES DIXON (5:15 pm): I want to cry I’m so happy about Louie Anderson winning. One of the best interviews I did this year (with Rob Licuria)!

MATT NOBLE (5:14): Amazing and hilarious opening by Jimmy Kimmel taking on Mark Burnett, Maggie Smith and the Oscars.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (5:12 pm): Jimmy’s Maggie Smith jokes had me rolling on the floor! She better not win, ugh.

ROB LICURIA (5:05 pm): Jimmy Kimmel and James “Charles Bright’s Twin” Corden as Wham! Is EVERYTHING! And Jeb Bush is a great sport. Great start to the show, Kimmel!!!

PAUL SHEEHAN (4:45 pm): We are just minutes away from finding out if the new system of voting will mean a new set of winners. TV academy members no longer rank all the nominees, they simply check off one nominee per category. That means you can win an Emmy with as little as 17% of the vote in a six-nominee race.

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