Emmys 2016: Robert Rorke (New York Post) tops all Experts predicting winners

Congratulations to Robert Rorke (New York Post), who tops all Experts predicting the 2016 Emmy Awards winners over the past two weekends. He correctly picked 19 of the 36 categories offered in the Gold Derby predictions center for a masterful best percentage of 52.78%. Some of his most insightful selections included Louie Anderson (“Baskets”) for Comedy Supporting Actor, Rami Malek (“Mr. Robot”) for Drama Actor, “Transparent” for Comedy Directing, “Key and Peele” for Variety Sketch Series. Click here to see Rorke’s predictions.

Complete list of Emmys 2016 winners and nominees

For our complete group of 18 Experts, second place is a four-way tie between Michael Ausiello (TV Line), Joyce Eng (TV Guide), Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby), and Ken Tucker (Yahoo) with 50% accuracy. The next spot is held by Robert Bianco (USA Today) and Jarett Wieselman (Buzzfeed) with 47.22% correct.

Up next are Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood), Anne Thompson (Indiewire), and Adnan Virk (ESPN) with 44.44% right. We then have Eric Deggans (NPR), Lynette Rice (Entertainment Weekly), and Matt Roush (TV Guide Magazine) at 41.67%. Following are Kerr Lordygan (Rotten Tomatoes) and Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) with 38.89% correct and then Matthew Jacobs (Huffington Post) with 33.33% right.

Predicting 35 categories was Debra Birnbaum (Variety) with 51.43% accuracy. Lynn Elber (Associated Press) picked 34 categories with 44.12% correct.

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52.78% CORRECT (19 categories of 36):
Robert Rorke (New York Post)

50.00% CORRECT (18 categories of 36):
Michael Ausiello (TV Line)
Joyce Eng (TV Guide)
Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby)
Ken Tucker (Yahoo)

47.22% CORRECT (17 of 36):
Robert Bianco (USA Today)
Jarett Wieselman (Buzzfeed)

44.44% CORRECT (16 of 36):
Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood)
Anne Thompson (Indiewire)
Adnan Virk (ESPN)

41.67% CORRECT (15 of 36):
Eric Deggans (NPR)
Lynette Rice (Entertainment Weekly)
Matt Roush (TV Guide Magazine)

38.89% CORRECT (14 of 36):
Kerr Lordygan (Rotten Tomatoes)
Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby)

33.33% CORRECT (12 of 36):
Matthew Jacobs (Huffington Post)

51.43% CORRECT (18 of 35):
Debra Birnbaum (Variety)

44.12% CORRECT (15 of 34):
Lynn Elber (Associated Press)

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