Guild awards scorecard: ‘Game of Thrones’ is TV’s winningest drama

The Location Managers Guild bestowed their annual awards on April 23 and brought to a close this year’s run of awards from the 16 industry guilds and societies that share voters with the Emmys. Most guilds use the calendar year for eligibility, while the Emmys judge June through May.

Game of Thrones” won big for its fifth season, which was no surprise after that season claimed a record-breaking 12 Emmys last fall. The fantasy epic won with 11 of the 14 guilds at which it contended. Among those that it lost with were the American Cinema Editors – curious because “Game of Thrones” won the Emmy for editing last year. However, this discrepancy might merely be the result of different voting systems. Both the Emmys and the guild nominated multiple “Game of Thrones” episodes for editing. But guild awards are decided by a plurality vote, which makes vote-splitting a factor. The Emmys combat vote-splitting by using preferential ballots, but will be adopting the plurality system this year.

House of Cards” may be on an upswing, considering that it won that ACE Award over “Game of Thrones” even though the Emmys snubbed it for editing. The political drama also earned Kevin Spacey the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best TV Drama Actor; he had lost the equivalent Emmy to Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”) a few months earlier. The third season of “House of Cards” won more guild awards this year than the first two seasons combined, though its four guild wins still leave it a distant second to “Game of Thrones.” “House of Cards” will contend at the next Emmys for its recently released (and better-received) fourth season; it will face new dramas there including “Billions” and “Vinyl.”

Guild awards scorecard: Emmy champ ‘Game of Thrones’ leads among TV dramas

Mr. Robot” won in a category for which “Game of Thrones” was ineligible: Best New Series at the Writers Guild Awards. The last two freshman shows to win Best Drama Series at the Emmys also took home that award. “Homeland” also won guild awards for Best Editing, Best Sound Editing (Dialogue) and Best Writing (Episodic), while “Mad Men” also won Best Directing and Best Production Design. While “Mr. Robot” was not nominated for any of those honors, it did win Best Drama Series at both the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards.

The fifth season of “Homeland” was the show’s first not to win any guild awards. “Homeland” is also the only of last year’s seven Best Drama Series Emmy nominees without a guild win this year, although both of the awards for “Orange is the New Black” came in comedy categories; it’ll compete at the Emmys as a drama. In all, the guilds nominated 48 dramas this year and awarded the 15 listed below.

PGA = Producers Guild of America
DGA = Directors Guild of America
WGA = Writers Guild of America
SAG = Screen Actors Guild
ACE = American Cinema Editors
ADG = Art Directors Guild
ASC = American Society of Cinematographers
CAS = Cinema Audio Society
CDG = Costume Designers Guild
CSA = Casting Society of America
ICG = International Cinematographers Guild Publicists (no Emmy category)
LMG = Location Managers Guild (no Emmy category)
MHG = Makeup Artists & Hairstylists Guild
MPSE = Motion Picture Sound Editors
SOC = Society of Camera Operators (no Emmy category)
VES = Visual Effects Society

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“Game of Thrones” (16 wins from 11 guilds)
PGA: Best Drama Series
DGA: Best Drama Directing
SAG: Best Stunt Ensemble
ADG: Best Period/Fantasy Series Production Design
CSA: Best Drama Series Casting
CAS: Best One-Hour Series Sound Mixing
CDG: Best Fantasy Series Costumes
LMG: Best Period Locations
MHG: Best Period Series Makeup
MHG: Best Period Series Hair
MPSE: Best Series Dialogue Sound Editing
MPSE: Best Series Sound Effects Editing
VES: Best Visual Effects
VES: Best Compositing
VES: Best Created Environment
VES: Best Effects Simulation

“House of Cards” (4 wins from 4 guilds)
SAG: Best Drama Actor
ACE: Best One-Hour Noncommercial Series Editing
ADG: Best Contemporary Series Production Design
MPSE: Best Music Editing

“Empire” (3 wins from 3 guilds)
CSA: Best Drama Pilot Casting
PUB: Best Television Showmanship
MPSE: Best Series Musical Sound Editing

“Mad Men” (2 wins from 2 guilds)
WGA: Best Drama Series Writing
ACE: Best One-Hour Commercial Series Editing

“Orange is the New Black” (2 wins from 1 guild)
SAG: Best Comedy Ensemble
SAG: Best Comedy Actress

“Better Call Saul” (1 win from 1 guild)
WGA: Best Drama Episodic Writing

“Downton Abbey” (1 win from 1 guild)
SAG: Best Drama Ensemble

“How to Get Away with Murder” (1 win from 1 guild)
SAG: Best Drama Actress

“The Knick” (1 win from 1 guild)
CDG: Best Period Series Costumes

“Marco Polo” (1 win from 1 guild)
ASC: Best Series Cinematography

“Mr. Robot” (1 win from 1 guild)
WGA: Best New Series Writing

“Scandal” (1 win from 1 guild)
SOC: Best Camera Operation

“Sense8” (1 win from 1 guild)
LMG: Best Contemporary Locations

“Vikings” (1 win from 1 guild)
VES: Best Supporting Effects

“The Walking Dead” (1 win from 1 guild)
MHG: Best Series Makeup Effects

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