Emmy Awards predictions contest winner: Will ‘Game of Thrones’ be ‘dethroned’ by ‘Mr. Robot’?

Gold Derby reader Josh Sisskind (screen name jscott) did so well at forecasting the 2015 Emmy Awards nominations — third place out of nearly 2,500 entrants — that we just had to see what he thinks will win Best Drama Series this year. HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is Sisskind’s pick to prevail again after finally winning last year on its fifth try. “I don’t think any show dethroned (no pun intended) ‘Game of Thrones’ this past year,” he explains. “If any show did, it was ‘Mr. Robot.’ But is it too under the radar on USA to win?”

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Sisskind hails from Fairfax, Virginia where he works as a geospatial software engineer. As for how he predicted last year’s Emmy noms with 75% accuracy, he reveals, “The one thing I always try to do is not look for an upset. I think that is what I did here, too — I wasn’t trying to be too clever, but picked what I thought the voters would pick.”

Rounding out his list of seven nominees for Best Drama Series, Sisskind tells us, “‘Downton Abbey’ will be nominated but not win for its final season (see ‘Mad Men’ from last year). I also think that Netflix gets two nods: ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘House of Cards.’ ‘Better Call Saul’ is a lock. The final slot should go to ‘The Americans,’ but I could see ‘Homeland’ getting it on legacy.”

“Game of Thrones” is also the frontrunner to win according to Gold Derby’s experts derived from major media outlets. Seventeen out of 20 TV journalists polled are predicting it to claim victory, giving it leading 1/10 odds. “Mr. Robot,” meanwhile, is down in our experts’ fourth position with 3/2 odds, behind “House of Cards” (1/1 odds) and “Better Call Saul” (5/4 odds).

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