[POLL] ‘Game of Thrones’: Next big guest star should be Idris Elba, Christoph Waltz or …?

Game of Thrones,” the perfection that it is, continues to bring in fantastic actors with each new season. The latest to be cast is Professor Slughorn himself, Jim Broadbent. Broadbent is a veteran actor and has appeared in many movies, always catching the eye. From “Harry Potter” to “Moulin Rouge” to “Iris” (for which he won his Best Supporting Actor Oscar) to “Gangs of New York,” Broadbent is a proven character actor with immense calibre.

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Game of Thrones” has bagged themselves a treat here. Broadbent is rumored to be playing a grandmaster at the citadel where Samwell Tarly and Gilly were left at the end of season 6, but others speculate he could be an older Howland Reed, father of Bran’s companion Meera. Whichever comes true, Broadbent will be a bonus. But there are still plenty more roles to fill for the upcoming seasons, so, if you were a “Game of Thrones” casting director, who would you pick to join the already stellar cast?

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 10 actors who could fit into the style of the show (I’ll consider actresses in an upcoming post).I have tried my best to steer clear of the more obvious, a-list choices (your Cumberbatches, Hiddlestons, etc.) and I’ve tried to go for more “Game of Thrones-ey” type actors. My personal choices would be Paul Bettany as any Targaryen (perhaps Rhaeger?) or even Lannister or the spectacular Christoph Waltz as any Targaryen/Lannister/Greyjoy.

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Fair warning: I couldn’t possibly include every possible actor/actress as the list would go on longer then George R.R. Martin’s death count. So, naturally, one or more of your favorites may not be in the featured list. If that is the case, and it most likely will be, then comment below on your choice and who they could possibly play.

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