[WATCH] ‘Game of Thrones’ recap of ‘The Door’: Opens up Emmy hopes for Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner

In this week’s “Game of Thrones” slugfest (watch above) Rob Licuria and I delve into ‘The Door,” the fifth episode of this sixth season of the hit HBO fantasy series. It centered on both the origin and death story of the beloved character Hodor (Kristian Narn). He met his fate when forced to ‘Hold-Door,’ which stopped the White Walkers from killing Bran Stark. Rob readily admits to being “grateful to the show-runners for allowing us to go back in time through Bran and see Hodor as a child.” And I declare it “the most well-served character death we’ve seen on ‘Game of Thrones.’”

The episode also marked the half-way point for the season and Rob and I dish which performers have stood out to date. For Rob, it is Emilia Clarke. “Daenerys is one of the fan favorites. Her stuff in Vaes Dothrak was just so great and it easily gives her cause for an Emmy nomination. I’m always focused on her. She is such a great character.” Will she finally win the Emmy after two losses?

I argue that the best “consistently over the course of the season is Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark. She’s had some powerful stuff in every episode she’s been in. The battle for Winterfell is going to be a big climax and she’s done such a good job of setting up the stakes for that.”

What do you think? Who has had the best season?  Post your comments below and then join the discussion in our feisty “Game of Thrones” forum with other fans.

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