‘Game of Thrones’: Is Jon Snow dead or alive and how will the answer affect Westeros?

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The biggest question on everyone’s mind leading into the Season 6 premiere of “Game of Thrones” is the fate of Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow. Is he dead or alive? The answer is up in the air for both the watchers of the show and the readers of the book as Season 5’s cliffhanger is the same one that concludes George R.R. Martin‘s fifth book. There are many theories about what will happen with Jon, but the conversation no one seems to be having is how does his status impact everyone else?

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Who will die on ‘Game of Thrones’? See exclusive predictions

Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy
Sansa Stark is at the epicenter of the battle for the North between the Boltons and what’s left of Stannis Baratheon’s army. Last seen jumping from the high walls of Winterfell with Theon Greyjoy, Sansa will be searching for haven as far from the Boltons as possible. Unaware of her brother’s fate, her likely destination is Castle Black where she will believe Jon to be. The road to the Wall is long and treacherously cold so Sansa and Theon may not both make it there alive themselves.

Rickon and Bran Stark
While most of Westeros believes Bran Stark and Rickon Stark to be dead, and though we weren’t privy to either of their journeys in Season 5, we know that both are most likely alive and well. Bran, already north of the Wall, was last seen in Season 4 when he joined with the fabled Children of the Forest seemingly on a quest of magic. It’s possible that Bran has learned some magic of his own — perhaps the kind that could resurrect Jon? Rickon went elsewhere with Osha in Season 4, but even as the youngest Stark is the most likely to lay claim as heir to the North — a position that Stannis was at one point trying to convince Jon to claim for himself.

Believing Stannis dead, Melisandre returned to the Wall looking defeated. But if there’s one thing we know of Melisandre it’s that her dedication to the Lord of Light is strong and is anything but fixed on the idea of a single savior. Melisandre seemed awfully fond of Jon throughout Season 5 so it wouldn’t be a shock to see her devastated by his death. It also wouldn’t be a shock to see her do what’s in her power to prevent his death — keeping in mind that we have seen other members of her faith resurrect the dead before (in Season 3 the Brotherhood without Banners resurrected Beric Dondarrion after The Hound appears to have slain him).

Daenerys Targaryen
Though Daenerys and Jon have never met, they both potentially hold the keys to defeating the threat of the white walkers — Daenerys has her dragons and Jon has his sword which in last season’s standout episode “Hardhome” was successfully used to kill them. If Jon is dead, Dany may be the only character left with the means to defeat the frozen army. But she’s still half a world away and for all we know isn’t yet aware of the battle that awaits her.

Samwell Tarly
Before sending him south to Oldtown, Jon provided Samwell Tarly with a bit of wisdom — that Valyrian steel has the ability to cut down White Walkers in the same way that Sam’s dragonglass blade did. It’s important that we saw Jon pass this info to Sam because if he’s dead then Sam is the only character who knows that. Could Sam’s journey south become a quest to find the the Valyrian-forged swords left in Westeros and call to arms the men or women who wield them?

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Which RECURRING character will appear to die in this episode? (Choices are: Littlefinger, Ellaria Sand, Varys, Gilly, Bronn, Daario Naharis, Tommen Baratheon, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Jorah Mormont, Loras Tyrell, Tormund Giantsbane, Yara Greyjoy or No One.)

Which MINOR character will appear to die in this episode? (Choices are: Missandei, Olenna Tyrell, Grey Worm, Mace Tyrell, Lancel Lannister, Doran Martell, Podrick Payne, The Mountain, Qyburn, Osha, Hodor, High Sparrow, Kevan Lannister or No One.)

How many dragons will appear in this episode?

Will Tyrion drink alcohol in this episode?

Will Jon Snow be revealed to be alive in this episode?

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