[WATCH] ‘Game of Thrones’ slugfest: ‘The Red Woman’ video recap with our editors

This year Gold Derby is offering a weekly “Game of Thrones” slugfest (watch above) with our editors and fans to break down the series’ Emmy prospects, plot twists and shocking deaths. The first episode of the season is called ‘The Red Woman,” alluding to the priestess Melisandre (Carice van Houten) who returns to the Wall to find a dead Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

Which actor turned in the best performance in the Season 6 premiere? Marcus James Dixon thinks the best was the actress who plays the “Mother of Dragons,” Daenerys Targaryen. He notes, “Emilia Clarke had a very long scene for ‘Game of Thrones’ in an entirely made up language. She’s at this point where she’s being kidnapped, and she’s being so strong about it. The Emmy voters would absolutely love that defiance of going against her captors.”

I disagree, saying that “Lena Heady had the best episode.” Heady plays Cersei Lannister and in this episode she finds out her daughter is dead. “She had the scene where she talked about not being a monster and how she always knew her children were going to die. It was a lot shorter than Clarke’s, but a lot more impactful and emotional.”

Ralph Galvan adds, “I would really love to see Gwendoline Christie get some kind of notice because I think she’s one of the more unsung of the female cast there. Sophie Turner was also so good.” Christie plays Brienne of Tarth, who in the opener stages an epic battle to rescue Sansa Stark (Turner) from the Bolton family.

Last year “Game of Thrones” made Emmy Awards history by winning a record 12 trohpies for a single season, including Best Drama Series and Drama Supporting Actor (Peter Dinklage). So, which performers reigned supreme in the opener? Post your comments below or join the discussion in our feisty “Game of Thrones” discussion.

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