‘Ghostbusters’ effect: 7 all-male movies that deserve female remakes

Now that “Ghostbusters” is being remade with women — Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones — our forum posters have been debating which other all-male films deserve female remakes. Will the success of this new film lead to a sort of “Ghostbusters” effect within the movie industry? If so, see seven sample forum posts below of other such movies that could benefit from the all-female treatment. Click here to join the discussion.

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babypook: I’d love to see “Stand By Me” made with girls. Twelve-year-old girls can make the team here look like, well, wusses.

vinny: “12 Angry Men” was one of the movies that me and my cousins always come up with [female] dream casts for. Don’t see it happening though lol.

Andrew Carden: “The Shawshank Redemption.”

OnTheAisle: “Lord of the Flies” with a slew of vicious adolescent girls would be a must see event.

Boidiva02: Some time ago I had heard somebody suggest “Ocean’s Eleven” with an all-female cast. I think that would make perfect sense.

Tyler The Awesome Guy: “Lawrence of Arabia” since the original has an all-male cast. “Florence of Arabia,” maybe?

Daniel Montgomery: I’d love to see one of those male-dominated historical movies get gender-bent, like “The Big Short.” Why not? Most biopics and docudramas are already of dubious accuracy, and “Hamilton” has shown that you can do a lot by viewing true events from a different demographic prism.

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