‘Gilmore Girls’ poll results: Rory should end up with bad boy Jess according to 54% of readers

Since Wednesday “Gilmore Girls” fans have been voting on who Rory (Alexis Bledel) should end up with. Of the five options in our poll, our readers have decided overwhelmingly for bad boy Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Below, let’s take a closer look at the results. And no matter which way you voted you can find out right away if you got your wish by watching the Netflix revival, “A Year in the Life,” which premiered on Friday, November 25.

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Overwhelmingly in first place was Rory’s second boyfriend Jess with 54% of the vote. Maybe it was how Ventimiglia perfectly played the bad boy turned wise friend in later seasons. But maybe part of it was seeing the actor in full daddy mode on the Thanksgiving episode of “This Is Us” that tipped the scales in his favor.

In second place is the gentleman who got the closest to winning Rory’s heart during the show’s original run: Logan (Matt Czuchry) with 35% of your votes. Logan actually proposed to Rory near the end of the series’ original run, but she turned him down. Voters might’ve been a little hesitant to see Rory walk down the aisle before her mother, Lorelai (Lauren Graham). Or maybe voters remembered Lorerai’s drunken meltdown during Lane’s (Keiko Agena) wedding in season six and didn’t want a repeat.

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Finally, poor Dean (Jared Padalecki), who did nothing but love Rory, got only 6% of the vote. It appears viewers, like Rory herself, have moved on from her first relationship. Scoring lower than Dean was Rory ending up with no one, which scored 3% of the votes. Rory’s professional idol Christiane Amanpour scored just 2% of the vote. Who knew Thanksgiving was a holiday for lovers!

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