[POLL] ‘Gilmore Girls’: Should Rory end up with Dean, Jess, Logan … or Christiane Amanpour?

Gilmore Girls” was always the story of Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel), one of the best mother-daughter relationships on television. Lorelai was a single mother and dated various partners, but for her it was always clear she would be with diner owner Luke (Scott Patterson). Rory on the other hand grew up on the show and there is much debate as to who she should end up with, if anyone. As fans eagerly wait the last few days before the premiere of the Netflix revival, “A Year in the Life,” let’s decide who we think Rory should end up with.

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Jared Padalecki played Dean, Rory’s first boyfriend, who moved from Chicago to become a local staple of Stars Hollow. They broke up in season three, he got married in season four, and they briefly got back together in season five before ending it for good. Dean was Rory’s first love and she had big aspirations, but they simply grew up and apart. As she set out to become a journalist and was enrolled in Yale, a part-time construction worker and bag boy at the local market like Dean wasn’t going to suffice. Padalecki is only supposed to appear in one episode of “A Year in the Life,” so it probably won’t be him.

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Milo Ventimiglia, who played bad boy Jess, was the next boy to win Rory’s heart. Jess was well-read and intelligent, and a James Dean-wannabe with the mandatory leather jacket. Their relationship was short-lived and ended abruptly when Jess left to go to California for a spin-off that never came to fruition. But in season six it was his return appearance that made a struggling Rory wake up and finally get her life back together. However, they’ve always seemed to be better as friends, and judging from the “Year in the Life” trailer the romance seems to have died out.

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Last but not least was Matt Czuchry who played Logan, her most serious boyfriend. He was from the wealthy world Lorelai ran away from; his parents were friends of Lorelai’s parents Richard (Edward Hermann) and Emily (Kelly Bishop). Rory began dating Logan in the second half of season five, and they broke up in season seven when he proposed but she wanted to keep her career options open.

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But maybe, just maybe, there is a fourth and better choice — Christiane Amanpour. Rory on several occasions throughout the seasons mentioned her goal in life was to be Amanpour: a journalist reporting on interesting events while traveling the world. Amanpour even appeared in the series finale (“Partings”) giving Rory her business card. Could it be that she was Rory’s soulmate all along?

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