Gold Derby Awards nominations: Good (‘Ex Machina’ love), bad (Michael B. Jordan snub) & ugly (category frauds)

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On Wednesday (January 27) we revealed the nominees for the 14th Gold Derby Film Awards, honoring the best in motion pictures from the year 2015 as determined by our users. Immediately after the announcement, readers took to our forums to share what they loved (including all the support for “Ex Machina“) and loathed (Michael B. Jordan being snubbed for “Creed“). There’s also a passionate debate going on right now in our forums about whether supporting nominees Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”) and Rooney Mara (“Carol”) should have been nominated in lead.

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skylerbound: So happy for all the “Ex Machina” nominations!!!! Very ecstatic for all the “Inside Out” love (also wish it made best ensemble). Surprised at “The Big Short” snub as I did vote for it. Sad about Michael B. Jordan missing but even my votes were Dicaprio, Attah, Tremblay. Overall better choices and just a little more diverse than most of these film awards including AMPAS.

Eddy Q: Really chuffed about Supporting Actor, six nominees and all of them more or less deserving. Glad I kept Oscar Isaac in second, I bet he was one of the two tied in fifth.

babypook: And of course, I’m LOVIN’ all of the “Mad Max” noms. Whoa; it appears that there are a substantial number of us who are wowed by that film.

AviChristiaans: Thank you for the “Steve Jobs” and “Brooklyn” love. The winners will be predictable (“Mad Max” and “Carol” sweeping). But oh well.

KyleBailey: Well some happy inclusions (“Carol,” “Crimson Peak,” Oscar Isaac, “Inside Out” in score and picture, “Steve Jobs” in writing/ensemble and a few others). Team “Inside Out” for Picture/Screenplay/Score/Animated! Also so happy “Big Short” is not in many categories. So so so so happy.


Vincelette: I don’t understand how Kristen Stewart‘s name is in every topic and suddenly she gets snubbed. This is pretty much the Oscar lineup, as expected.

FreemanGriffin: How is it that “Creed” still has only ONE nomination? It has great editing, score, direction, acting by Michael B Jordan, etc.

Teridax: The fact that a soulless, corporate rip-off of the “Star Wars” franchise, “Disney Wars: The Failed Awakening,” could get a Best Picture nomination over MASTERPIECES like “Straight Outta Compton,” “The Big Short” and “Beasts of No Nation” will forever taint the Gold Derby Film Awards credibility.

CalebSiebeneck: Why are the Gold Derby Award nominations always so similar to the Oscar nominations? I was hoping that this community of people would be able to get more nominations for awesome under-the-radar films this awards season like “Creed” and “Sicario,” and not just in the supporting actor category.

ADouble: On the negative side: no Michael B. Jordan, no Walton Goggins, “Straight Outta Compton” shut out, “Creed” mostly shut out, all those “Martian” nominations, category fraud not corrected, “Writing’s on the Wall.”

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DamianWayne: I cannot roll my eyes hard enough at Rooney and Alicia in Supporting.

CanadianFan: Supporting actress: EWWW, MARA. F*** THIS VIKANDER FRAUD. This is awful. We’re worse [than the Oscars] because we should know better.

emmyfan: The Supporting Actress category is insane and proves that we are no better at being critics of performances and academy members. The fact that people have screamed, pointed out and yelled about category fraud and then the Supporting Actress category has two actresses that should be in lead.

SupaDupa Fly: When I read these nominations: #GoldderbyAwardsSupportsFraud, #GoldderbyAwardsDoesNotRecognizeGreatPerformances, #GoldderbyAwardsSoDecent

Sasha: This was my last time I voted for these … Oscar predictions. This is my last post here. I’m out.

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Photo Credit: “Ex Machina” by Moviestore/REX; “Creed” by Warner Bros. Pictures; “Carol” by the Weinstein Company

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